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Win! ADAM Audio A77X Monitors (Global except Americas)

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Fantastic chance to win ADAM Audio A77X Monitors worth £1499.

This month, we’re delighted to have teamed up with ADAM Audio to give away a pair of super‑accurate, active three‑way Adam A77X monitors. 

The A77X received justified praise in our June 2012 SOS review (, where we called it “an extremely accurate monitoring system.” Our reviewer, Bob Thomas, was particularly impressed with the A77X’s ability to reproduce “fast, accurate, rock‑solid and very deep bass”.

Although the A77X sports two extremely rigid seven‑inch carbon/Rohacell/glass‑fibre drivers, these are each pressed into action over different frequency ranges. The bandwidth of the first starts at 38Hz and fades out at 400Hz. The second seven‑inch driver also starts at 38Hz but crosses over at 3kHz to the X‑ART tweeter, putting it out of the mid‑range area where human hearing is at its most sensitive, thus allowing the use of a single driver across this frequency band. This removes any phase shifts and other crossover anomalies from the mid‑range, giving a more accurate reproduction of this critical area. 

Covering high frequencies right up to 50kHz is ADAM Audio’s X‑ART tweeter. It features a lightweight, pleated membrane, the folds of which expand and contract as an audio signal is applied to them, resulting in air being drawn into, and expelled from, the inter‑fold spaces. This results in an extremely efficient engine which ADAM claim gives the X‑ART an unprecedented clarity and transient response. Also, since no voice coil or cone is involved, the X‑ART tweeter appears to avoid the distortion and dynamic limitations of conventional dome tweeters at higher frequencies.

In order to exploit a tweeter with such an extended high‑frequency response, ADAM Audio had to develop an ultra‑low‑distortion, 50W Class‑A/B amplifier with a huge internal bandwidth of 1MHz (externally limited to 300kHz). Meanwhile, the bass/mid drivers are coupled with a pair of high‑efficiency 100W Class‑D PWM amps. 

The speakers can be tailored to fit into your room very easily, with each unit sporting three controls: high and low shelving filters, which each have a range of ±6dB above 5kHz and below 300Hz, and a boost/cut control that can alter the tweeter level by up to 4dB. The A77X can also be set up in a horizontal or vertical arrangement, and the X‑ART tweeter assembly can be easily rotated 90 degrees to accommodate either.

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of these extremely able active monitors, follow the link and enter the competition on our web site by Monday 5th June. Good luck!

Prizes kindly donated by ADAM Audio

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