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Black star club 40
      #1068008 - 28/09/13 10:36 AM
I had a play with a club 40 yesterday and think I was missing a trick

IMO it was nice, warm and responsive in the clean channel really responding to pup switching and vol/tone tweaking on a strat.
With low level gain on the dirty channel it was nice and bright with pleanty of bite when played hard whilst mellow when played softly.
However I was disappointed when I cranked the gain. It was just a fuzzy mess.

Now in all fairness I wasn't able to wind it up which I can only assume is what was required, being a valve amp and all.

Does anybody use one and what do you think.
I'm looking for a good all round amp with lots of drive if needed for heavy rocking. Have a few pedals to add a bit more if req.

No more kebabs

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Re: Black star club 40 new [Re: Dave71]
      #1068161 - 29/09/13 11:40 PM
I've only tried a 40 in a shop. I have the Blackstar HT1 and I've also tried the floor pedal (the dual drive one) which, I believe, is pretty much a pedal approximation of the HT-5.

I have to say I like the clean channel on all of these and, once cranked, I like the crunch you can get. Hit with a pedal, it goes to classic rock and heavier and sounds nice.

On all of the above, I haven't liked the OD channel. Just too much for my taste. But that's just me.... And I guess you

But then again if you look at the artist page it seems like anyone who wears black and does death metal in a band called 'Pony Death Rattle' or similar has a Blackstar that is..... Black. Anyone that plays classic rock has a Blackstar that is red (i.e. the Artisan series).

Big old generalisation for sure but it's a free Internet I just think the 2nd channel on these seems to be aimed at the rather more extreme end of the spectrum.

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Joined: 21/04/05
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Re: Black star club 40 new [Re: Dave71]
      #1068303 - 30/09/13 09:14 PM
Thanks for the reply. I really thing it needed winding up the see the real
Potential. At shop vol I prefer my cheap and nasty Marshall
Transistor box. I do keep bumping into fender amps, mostly the blues delux/ hot rod and they sound sweet. I did a pa for s band on Saturday where the guitarist was running an SG with p90's into a hot rod. What a sound!

No more kebabs

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Re: Black star club 40 new [Re: Dave71]
      #1069623 - 10/10/13 06:40 AM
I don't have a 40 to hand but just ran up Son's HT-20...Err? you do know there is a GAIN control on the OD channel chaps?

Backing that off I could go from well crunchy to pretty clean. Then, you can always back off the guitar level a bit?

The OD channel of both amps does just give you PRE amp distortion and that is never quite the same as total op stage mayhem. It does however have the advantage that you can get an acceptable (?) drive sound at any volume level (or indeed none, the amps can function as a standalone pre amp and no speaker need be plugged in).

Don't know about the 40 but the HT-20 is said to benefit from a ~10dB boost in the FX loop especially if done with an EQ pedal with a bit of midlift. This would of course only apply for actual speaker drive usage.


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