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LPX Glitchy when scoring to movie
      #1070385 - 15/10/13 09:15 AM
Anyone else finding Logic X movie a bit glitchy? Mine often freezes on a frame until I restart the project.

also, I find moving to a particular frame temperamental... and adjusting the end of track marker when zoomed in behaves badly...


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Re: LPX Glitchy when scoring to movie new [Re: sos4andy]
      #1070426 - 15/10/13 01:04 PM
It mostly depends on the movie format (ie what resolutions and codecs you are using) together with general performance issues (CPU and disk bandwidth, ram, resource usage etc).

Are you saying movies which streamed fine with LP9 and not doing so on the same system with LPX? Can you be more specific as to the system, resources, and files you are using?

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Re: LPX Glitchy when scoring to movie new [Re: sos4andy]
      #1070603 - 16/10/13 08:39 PM
I'm not too familiar with Logic X Movie applications but, I have worked with earlier versions of the Logic workstation family for a number of years. Correct me if I'm wrong but, from what you said about using Logic for movie scoring or sound design purposes, you probably have quite a few samples, clips, and processors running simultaneously? If this is the case then, it seems to me that your computer's processors and or "Logic's" processors are being jammed up with too much bit data. Which will overload your CPU system, causing it to lag hard. I'm not sure if your aware of this but there are a few different methods to help alleviate some of the lag issues you are getting in your session.

Freezing Tracks- You can free up some your systems processors by freezing certain tracks that you are not currently editing or do not need at the time. You can enable a specific track to freeze by, Right-clicking on the track's tab to the left (Where you find the track Mute, Solo,ISO Input and so on). a menu will appear by your cursor prompting you to make a selection. Around the third menu prompt, you should see the words "Freeze". Go ahead and select the function (I'm not sure why I got an error -43 but just continue if you do see this and Logic will begin to process the track and freeze it). This function allows Logic to freeze and processing being used on this track (Keeping any effects you might have), and Logic will reference the audio track that it has bounced to free up space for more processing.

Buffer Size- If you are in the process of recording tracks in your session, then allowing the amount of samples being buffered is crucial when working with a lot of tracks in one session. Typically, Logic defaults the I/O Buffer at 256 samples. Raising the samples to let's say 1024 is most ideal for recording because the higher the I/O Buffer's sample rate the more latency it puts on that incoming signal, which in return frees up the CPU's processors.

Quick Note: This may also help you manage your session's processing. You can view and access a meter that allows you to see how much process you are using til the system overloads.
Logic System Performance: Go to: Options > Audio > Click "System Performance" = a meter will appear you can use this as a reference tool during your sessions. You can also always rent a Mac to use during your project that has upgraded sound and graphics cards plus a RAM upgrade. you can take a look at some here: Mac Computers
I hope this helps you out! Let me know how it goes with your movie session.

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Re: LPX Glitchy when scoring to movie new [Re: desmond]
      #1070619 - 16/10/13 10:15 PM
Run your video as mp4 & from a local disk ie on-board, not as an external USB or FW
( although to be fair, FW is usually adequate).
Mp4 is a native format and FCP ( inc FCP X ) can export to it.
The quality is fully controllable and perfectly adequate for creating foley and score.

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Joined: 10/04/13
Posts: 296
Loc: Dublin, Ireland
Re: LPX Glitchy when scoring to movie new [Re: sos4andy]
      #1070708 - 17/10/13 12:40 PM
So I'm using a MBP Quad i7 2.0ghz with 8GB RAM, 256SSD under half full. The project is modest, 30 second mp4 clip. The CPU is barely getting over 25% with each virtual core staying well below 60%. 128 or 256 buffer... overall probably 10 midi tracks, and 20 audio tracks. Far from the 35 midi & 70 audio track project I worked on a month or so ago with LP9...

I moved the project in question from LP9, which I nearly finished it in, to LPX, having done a good few projects in LP9 before now with minimal issue. I moved the project to Logic X I actually can't remember why... when I noticed the issues above... movie frame sometimes freezing regardless of where the track header was positioned (I tried switching screesets, closing the movie, minimising and resizing all without success). Movie frame inconsistent for example I would place the trackheader at the start of a frame, place an audio clip and play back only to find when I place the trackheader at the begining of the region again the frame is very different. I also noticed that when zoomed in, sliding the end of tracker marker moves inconsistently to the mouse pointer and I'm not just talking about the differential of what ever interval the snap value is set to, I mean completely off.

I did successfully get the project finished but just had to restart Logic in LPX a few times to get it over the line. I have noticed there is a pending Adobe flash and ML update notification so maybe this will be fixed subsequent to those updates or maybe logic 10.0.4?

Anyway, here's the finished product for those interested -


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