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What do you think of my track?
      #1039602 - 24/03/13 12:10 PM
Hello all. I have been asked to offer up some songs for a record label who have a young female singer. So this is a song i have done with my friend Tanishia on vocals. It's just a basic bedroom demo on a Zoom 16 trk, no computers were used in the recording. Do you think it's ok to send out? i have kept it very simple verse, chorus, verse, double chorus etc straight to the point and done. Thanks, hope you enjoy the trk.


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The Elf
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Re: What do you think of my track? new [Re: stollypop]
      #1039609 - 24/03/13 12:31 PM
Typing as I listen...

It's a neat little song. Nothing wrong with straight-forward simplicity as long as you can carry it. Simple songs can be hard to pull off.

The mix sounds a bit congested. The drums are phasing strangely. If this is a deliberate decision I might suggest a re-think, because the drums need to be the solid spine of the song. The song has a good, simple feel to it that keeps me interested.

There's not much stereo width in the mix, yet the vocals are pushed out toward the edges, giving them the feeling of an 'add-on', rather than the lifeblood of the song. The vocals also begin to get lost when the mix fills out.

Some of the vocals are a bit out of tune. The doubling isn't enough to disguise this.

When a song is this simple and open it needs to be performed very well. The vocal is everything, but here I'm afraid that the vocal isn't cutting it, IMO. The tuning problems need sorting out, the performance needs attititude and it needs to sit in front of the mix and command attention - the mix needs to do everything it can to support the vocal and push the hook.

It's pretty good, but it could be much better.


An Eagle for an Emperor, A Kestrel for a Knave.

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Phil O
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Re: What do you think of my track? new [Re: stollypop]
      #1039610 - 24/03/13 12:31 PM
Given the tech limitations, it's a very good demo.

As to whether it's good enough to 'send out', that depends on your relationship with the recipient (e.g label A&R). If you are known to them and they are receptive to listening to WIP then maybe OK. For a 'cold' pitch to a decent indie / major label, I think it needs further development. As it stands, it's a bit 'samey' throughout.

Personally, I'd go for some gutsy live drums that really open out in the chorus. Maybe strip back the verses and make them more sparse. Also I think it's crying out for a great middle eight to introduce more variety and take the listener to another place.

Just my 2c

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Joined: 15/03/12
Posts: 79
Loc: Hervey Bay. Australia.
Re: What do you think of my track? new [Re: Phil O]
      #1039700 - 25/03/13 02:02 AM
Many thanks for the comments. I do know the record co man and i did tell him this a basic bedroom demo just to give him an idea of the songs i'll be sending. I left out a middle eight big intro, outro, solos etc as i wanted it simple and to the point, all the extra bits can be added later if they are keen on the trk. As for the vocals, yeah i know there are mistakes here and there but as i only have the singer for around an hour and half i have to let some things go. I thought if i left it basic then they could hear what they want to add to it so i didn't colour it in too much. Thanks chaps, appreciate your comments.

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