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Most neutral Monitor speakers
      #1115389 - 17/08/14 02:19 AM
I am looking for the most neutral sounding monitor speakers money can buy. I'm not looking for the most expensive or the best, I'm just looking for neutral. No coloration, no exaggeration or anything, just the truth. My budget is around 20k for only the pair of speakers. Subs extra. Everyone's suggestions are welcome but I'm looking for people who are experienced professionals and have used the monitors they'll comment about here. I've heard allot about the Lipinski 707's with 2 subs being the most neutral. What about the Dynaudio bm15a's or Air series or ATC's or Barefoots or B&W 802's? I also hear allot about the Ginkos from United Minorities and the Andras from Egglestonworks. Are they more accurate than Dynaudios and Genelecs? Also what will be better? Active or passive? Will a passive be better cause of a dedicated amplification unit? If yes then which amps are good to go with? Money is really not a concern here I just want to give my country the best sound production it has ever heard. I need the most revealing set of boxes for my studio. Also please suggest whether I will need a sub (or subs) to go along with the speakers and if I will, then which one? You can ask if you want to know anything else from me.

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Re: Most neutral Monitor speakers new [Re: yungclyde]
      #1115390 - 17/08/14 03:32 AM
you don't say which country currency your budget of "20K" is in..

Also you don't mention anything about the room you are placing these speakers into.. the design and acoustic properties of you room will have just as big an impact on your sound as the speakers you choose.

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Re: Most neutral Monitor speakers new [Re: Chevytraveller]
      #1115393 - 17/08/14 07:10 AM
The room is 200 sq ft and about 9ft in height. Its acoustically treated with rockwool. 20k is in american dollas. actually the price doesn't matter at all I just want some really neutral and revealing speakers that give nothing but the truth.

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Tony O'Shea

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Re: Most neutral Monitor speakers new [Re: yungclyde]
      #1115401 - 17/08/14 09:00 AM
I would suggest that you already have a long list and what may be best is to audition the various monitors in your room. It isn't just about neutrality it's also about what works in your room, with your chain and what you yourself preference. I like ATC as they have, at least for me, a very revealing mid range but others may find the mid on ATCs doesn't work for them.
Good luck.

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Studio Support Gnome
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Re: Most neutral Monitor speakers new [Re: Tony O'Shea]
      #1115403 - 17/08/14 10:23 AM
SP Acoustics SP1

nothing else comes close at the budget

(this is not hearsay, i actually have a set,….. you're welcome to come listen……. you can also arrange an audition through KMR i think )

EDIT< just realised you're in the US, i know SP do ship there, and there may be a US distributor who can arrange an audition…..

Steve Phillips , the designer has previously in various capacities, worked for Acoustic Energy, and ATC, amongst others, and also is currently technical R&D head honcho at Kurt Mueller, the world's foremost supplier of speaker cones and suspensions……. he knows a thing or three……

Don't get the hump when i tell you it's going to be expensive, it's not my fault, you picked the site/building/room

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Re: Most neutral Monitor speakers new [Re: yungclyde]
      #1115410 - 17/08/14 12:11 PM
As the performance of the monitors does depend a great deal on the room and you appear to have a decent budget, you might consider employing a studio designer/acoustician on your project.

Your ultimate aim is to create the best studio in your country (and it would help a great deal if you mentioned which country that is so we can point you to resources that are close to you). There is a lot more to that than just asking what the best speakers are. If you are fortunate enough to have a decent budget you are also at risk of making some very expensive mistakes.

You might want to explore older issues of SOS magazine, all issues older than 6 months old are free to read on this website. There is a series of articles called Studio File which you can search for, this is an example from December 2013 about Westlake studios in LA. You might also want to read Hugh Robjohns' article about BOP Studios which will give you a good idea of the lengths you have to go to to design and build high quality studios.

Hope that all helps


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Hugh RobjohnsAdministrator
SOS Technical Editor

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Re: Most neutral Monitor speakers new [Re: yungclyde]
      #1115425 - 17/08/14 02:56 PM
At that budget level, everything manages a superb level of performance and they are all pretty much as neutral as each designer can achieve. Your buying decisions come down to support and other practical issues, and personal preferences.

But as others have said, it's actually much more about the room than the monitors. Lining walls with rock wool is not enough on its own... It needs to be the right kind of rock wool, in the right depths, in the right places.... And the room and speakers really need to be designed with each other in mind.

At this budget, all pro speakers will be active designs. Passives aren't really a great idea in a pro studio. How big can the speakers be? What LF performance do you want? How far away from the listening point will they be? What SPL do you need to generate? Are the speakers to be freestanding or soffit mounted?


Technical Editor, Sound On Sound

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Re: Most neutral Monitor speakers new [Re: yungclyde]
      #1115467 - 18/08/14 07:13 AM
Studio Support Gnome is not wrong. I went and auditioned 'those' monitors in his Studio, Shonk, and they were by far the most neutral speakers I have heard and I have had some seriously decent monitors.

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Re: Most neutral Monitor speakers new [Re: yungclyde]
      #1115471 - 18/08/14 08:17 AM
big up on the SP1s. I bought a 5.1 set up. Had them installed in what was one of the UKs best rooms. As Hugh says, though, support is probably key at this price point.

Wouldn't touch the Dynaudios (or if you do - you're looking at C4s and not the BM range ) or most Genelecs when your looking at that sort of budget! 802? Need more money.

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