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Red Hat Enterprise Linux
      #1012141 - 06/10/12 08:09 PM

I'm currently running Fedora 17 (stupidly named Beefy Miracle).

I was wondering if it's worth the $50 to run Red Hat Linux? I'm currently using Ardour, Audacity and MuseScore. I bought a copy of Mixbus, but I haven't really got it working to the point that I would trust it with a live recording yet.

Any opinions would be welcome.

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Re: Red Hat Enterprise Linux new [Re: twotoedsloth]
      #1012146 - 06/10/12 09:18 PM
Not a Fedora user myself, but have heard a number of complaints regarding audio problems. These may also be present with RedHat.

What problems are you having? xruns? lock-ups? 'detached' controls?

Is there a specific reason for using this distro? If not how about trying one of the dedicated audio ones?

Personally, I use a very stripped down debian. However, I'm mostly playing with soft-synths so don't pull in much audio, nor do I do live work.

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Re: Red Hat Enterprise Linux new [Re: twotoedsloth]
      #1012260 - 07/10/12 08:59 PM
Don't bother with RHEL for this purpose.

In as far as Fedora I can tell you that Paul Davis, the lead developer of Ardour, does run Fedora himself, so it certainly can be used. However...

Linux is both a blessing and a curse in that you can customize anything easily, which means to tweak for audio will take work on most distros. However there are a few audio centric distros, among them AVLinux (Now discontinued sadly, but v6 just came out not long ago and I have heard nothing but good things about) and Dream Studio if you don't wish to go through and tweak much(Most people don't). I would suggest starting with these instead of RHEL.

You may have already done this, but have you asked on #ardour or #ardour-mixbus about your problems getting Ardour or Mixbus usable for live recording? If you can catch me there(I am usually logged in but not often in front of that computer anymore as I stay busy) I can give it a shot, but there are usually folks there that can help you with getting xruns lowered. Just ask your question and leave the window open and be prepared to wait. You may want to work on other stuff, but as someone sees it and can answer they will.

By the way it is a bit hard to tell, in your current setup do you trust Ardour for live recording? Mixbus is based off Ardour so if one is working well they both should be, or of course you can open Ardour sessions that use only stereo or mono tracks in Mixbus easily as well, which means you are quite capable of tracking in Ardour (Which is very bare bones and great for this purpose) and then open and mix in Mixbus easily. This is in fact a workflow I use often for live recordings.


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Joined: 26/01/08
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Re: Red Hat Enterprise Linux new [Re: seablade]
      #1012443 - 08/10/12 06:52 PM
To be honest, I'm not sure what the problem is.

I record in Ardour, then mix if required in Mixbus, edit in Audacity, then burn in Brasero.

Sometimes I can hear in Ardour, sometimes I can't. However, it always records perfectly. It is strange to not be able to monitor while recording. I can hear playback in all four applications.

I am using Fedora as that is the recommended distribution of CCRMA at Stanford.

Thanks for your assistance,


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