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Joined: 30/09/04
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Loc: Holland
Do you make music on an iPad? new
      #1008436 - 14/09/12 08:42 AM
I'm just curious: Do you use an iPad to create or mix music?

I'm using it to put together raw ideas (in Garageband) and finish them in Logic on the Mac. I started to control my Mopho using Lemur and love to play with several synths and drum machines on the couch in the living room.
Do you use iOS device to make music?
You may choose many
Yes, iPad
Yes, iPhone or iPod
No, I use an Android device
No, I don't use a tablet or phone for music
What do you use it for?
You may choose many
Creating raw ideas
Creating serious (finished) songs
Recording music
Just playing for fun
Mixing songs
Controlling Soft synths or other software
Controlling hardware synths or other instruments
Listening to music
Watching music video

Votes accepted from (14/09/12 12:00 AM) to (No end specified)
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Alfie Noakes

Joined: 14/11/03
Posts: 219
Re: Do you make music on an iPad? new [Re: Wimek]
      #1008450 - 14/09/12 09:54 AM
Being able to physically 'play' the bare bones of drum tracks with headphones on whilst I'm sat in the front room after dinner is the main bonus to me.
Then once opened in logic the midi data is there for me to start working on in much more detail.

Also whack a guitar into it with an iRig to get rough ideas down without having to fire up the studio gear, old age means I don't get much time to get the ideas recorded before I forget what I was even doing in the room.

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Joined: 30/09/04
Posts: 341
Loc: Holland
Re: Do you make music on an iPad? new [Re: Alfie Noakes]
      #1008541 - 14/09/12 08:53 PM
I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone Alfie

Thinking about the iPad vs. my MacBook Pro... firing up Logic on the Mac only takes a few minutes longer, but I'm still grabbing the iPad 9 out of 10 times... I guess every minute of my life counts

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Joined: 18/10/06
Posts: 466
Re: Do you make music on an iPad? new [Re: Wimek]
      #1008567 - 15/09/12 08:54 AM
I spend a lot of time in the car and on the odd occasion a song idea forms.

If that happens, I pull over and quickly sing it into the iPad. Once, the idea I had was developed enough that I was in the lay by for 1/2 hour and by the time it was done it had the virtual guitar, bass and drums on there too. But mostly it's just a vocal and I'll sing out the melody for speed.

Not getting the idea down tends to mean it'll just go (seems we're all of a certain age!). My DAW at home is Reaper so I actually start again - none of the iPad streams go in there so, for me, it's purely a 'get a rough idea down before it's gone forever' tool.

It's obviously capable of far more but my home rig has a half-decent FireWire interface and various USB devices to polish the turd that I create.... So my reason for NOT using it for more is really that I'm already sorted. I have a couple of synths on the iPad too, but it's purely been curiosity..... I'm a guitar player who sings and getting Alchemy on the pad was purely to see how cool it was. And it is IMO.

Of course, as the facilities on the mobile devices continue to improve and my home rig gets older then my position may well change but further time investment in IOS is not worth it for me at the moment - my brain can barely understand all the toys in my main rig

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Richard Graham

Joined: 10/04/06
Posts: 3624
Loc: Gateshead, UK
Re: Do you make music on an iPad? new [Re: Wimek]
      #1010725 - 29/09/12 10:11 PM
GarageBand on iPad2. Incredible. Just connected my old Zoom H4 to it today (via camera connection kit and powered USB hub) and used it to record real acoustic upright piano, electric bass (through built-in 'tweed rhythm' guitar amp), percussion (tambourine, congas and cabasa from built-in drum machine), strings, real Strat lead (Orange virtual amp with fuzz), rhythm guitar (clean AC30), and drums (using nanoPad). Powerful and very easy to use. I only use my PC for mixing now.

"We live in capitalism, its power seems inescapable: but then, so did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings." - Ursula K. LeGuin

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Joined: 04/04/12
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Re: Do you make music on an iPad? new [Re: Richard Graham]
      #1010947 - 01/10/12 01:49 PM
Quote Richard Graham:

I only use my PC for mixing now.

Not to worry, they've got mixing well covered on iPad now also:

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active member

Joined: 28/08/03
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Re: Do you make music on an iPad? [Re: Wimek]
      #1012707 - 10/10/12 08:18 AM
I have just got one for the software and convenience of working away from home. In a back spare room studio you do get a bit uninspired but being able to work by a stream in a remote wood has got to be good. The music apps are amazing. I also love the new Brian Eno "Scape" software for generating continuous evolving soundscapes.

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