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RoastBiff in The UK.

Joined: 22/05/03
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Loc: Kent. UK.
MIDI Clicks and Pop ? new
      #244923 - 30/01/06 10:03 AM
I have a click and pops problem that has just shown up in my Logic Pro 7.1.1/Mac G5 set-up. I had recorded a MIDI track via my MIDI keyboard, to an N.I. B4 organ sample, and that was clean and working well when I solo’d it to check its quality.
I then copied this MIDI track, to another in the arrangement page, and used the copy to run an Ivory Piano plug-in to fatten up the B4 sound. But, accessing the Ivory sample with the same MIDI information is giving me clicks and pops all the way through the song, it’s not overloading by the way, the meters are comfortably peaking at around 2/3rds up the scale ?
So, I tried other Piano sample Plug-ins to make sure the Ivory software was OK, and the same clicks and pops are there no matter which sample I use, Steinberg’s The Grand, or EXS 24 mk 11, etc.
I then changed the outputs in my Logioc Audio windows in the Environment page, in case the output going through my MOTU 424 PCI card were at fault. The problem remained.
I then swapped the PCI Firewire outputs through my MOTO 24 I/O firewire interface around, no change.
I then changed the channels on my analogue mixer that is being fed from the MOTU 24 I/O. No change.
I have checked the MIDI info in the Logic Matrix to see if any random notes are in there, but there aren’t any.
I’ve run out of ideas ! Can MIDI itself be corrupted with clicks and pops.
I am working Logic at 24 bit 96 khz for all my Audio recording, but I don’t know that this could affect the Plug in Samples ?
Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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Joined: 07/02/05
Posts: 2608
Loc: London, UK
Re: MIDI Clicks and Pop ? new [Re: RoastBiff in The UK.]
      #244946 - 30/01/06 10:27 AM

midi doesn't click or pop...

i'm guessing its the samples of the 2nd track that are having problems streaming fast enough to keep up with song or they are in a different format to the 1st tracks samples and therefore you are getting digital clicks etc...

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RoastBiff in The UK.

Joined: 22/05/03
Posts: 781
Loc: Kent. UK.
Re: MIDI Clicks and Pop ? new [Re: gerard]
      #244979 - 30/01/06 11:51 AM
Hi Gerard, I think you are correct that these clicks are digitally generated, almost like static blips. I re-checked the Ivory Piano in other songs and it is cvlean ? I did an experiment by re-copying the whole song andf pasting it into a new Logic project. All the Recorded Audio resolution rates went back from 96khz to 44,1 ? but the Ivory piano MIDI track, played back............ without clicks ?
Is the 24bit/96khz on the Audio recording side causing the problem ?
Could there ba anything else that would cause clicks in the first version of the song. Ironically, this song is the simplest song in my project, using less instruments than anything else I've recorded, just Organ, Lead Gtr, Piano, Bass, and Live Drums fo far.
Is there a way to check if there are different formats competing in the song, or if the Streaming is at fault. The meters are reading OK, without any crashes re. Core Audio, or Disc too slow messages popping up ?
As a 'workaround', I could record the 'copied to new project' piano ( without clicks ) and paste it back to the original song as an Audio track ?

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RoastBiff in The UK.

Joined: 22/05/03
Posts: 781
Loc: Kent. UK.
Re: MIDI Clicks and Pop ? new [Re: gerard]
      #245039 - 30/01/06 01:02 PM
Intersting up-date on the Click problem. I did record the Ivory Piano to a new Logic song, and it sounded pue and free of clicks as I ddid this. I then imported it back to the original Logic track with the problems, and.....the clicks happened again even though they were pure when I recorded them, ay 24bit 96khz.
So, I selected everything in the arrange window, and muted them all, except the Ivbory POiano. It was as clean as snow. i Then started to add tracks back one at a time, both MIDI and pure Audioo. The MIDI tracks caused no deterioration in the Ivory signal, but as soon as I got 3 audio tracks ( out of 18 ) unmuted. the clicksx re-appeared. I had all tyhe audio tracks muted on my External control desk to keep the Ivory signal on its own in my monitors.
So, I'm, presuming that the audio tracks as I add them are straining the system. Do you think this is correct, and, if so, how do I get rid of the problem ?
I am using Logic Pro 7.1.1 from my boot up drive, all the EXS 24 and 3rd party plug ins, in fact all samples are now on a seperate External Firewire 400 drive, and all Audio recorded is on a seperate SATA Striped RAID set-up of 2 x 250gig external drives fed through to my G5 by a Sonnet Tempo PCI card.
Am I doing anything wrong here ? or can the system be used more efficiently, and hopefully get rid of the Clickl problem ?

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RoastBiff in The UK.

Joined: 22/05/03
Posts: 781
Loc: Kent. UK.
Re: MIDI Clicks and Pop ? [Re: gerard]
      #245501 - 31/01/06 10:04 AM
Hello again Gerard, I thought I'd give you an update on the problems with clicks, I haven't had any other responses from the Forum.
I re-sampled all audio on the song down from 96khz to 44.1, and the clicks did indeed disappear. The sound is pretty good, but the lovely smooth transparency that I hear on things like overheads on the drums is not there, or not as smooth at 44.1 !!
Plus, while going through the elimination process yesterday, I checked all aspects of the system on the activity meter, and noticed that Logic Pro 7.1.1 was only using 2.3 gig of the 7 gig available on my G5 dual 2gig system while the song was thrashing away.
I must find a way around this 'streaming' issue, and get the track back to 96khz without Clicks and Pops......................
" I'm Loosing my Resolution ". C'est la Vie EH !

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