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What signal path to use? new
      #851976 - 06/08/10 01:48 PM
I know I have more than one way to get sound signals from FOH to my amps on stage, but I could use a few pointers on what ways you have found best? I've got a 150' 16-ch/4-return snake from my Yamaha MG24/14FX mixer to the stage, and I have three amps (one for mains, one for subs, and one for monitors). I am pretty new at this.

Do you think using two group outs would be more benefecial than using the Aux sends for the subs and the monitors? What are the benefits and drawbacks on each method? I have a sub out channel on my board, could I utilize it? I want to get the most funtionality out of whichever method I choose, leaving as many signal paths open as is possible.

I'm also thinking the mains should be fed via returns 1 & 2, and sum the two at the amp? Or do I use Mono out for the mains using only one return?

Michael Anderson
(A.M.P.) -Anderson Music Productions, LLC

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Re: What signal path to use? new [Re: forumuser833849]
      #851988 - 06/08/10 02:28 PM
Presumably you're using a crossover in the amp rack to split the midtops and subs, so you only use 1&2 return from the main outs to the crossover. The crossover will then split to the midtop and sub amps. Then your 2 monitor aux sends down return 3&4 to feed the monitors.

Not sure why you'd be running the sub off an aux send though.

Also worth mentioning is that if you need more than 2 monitor mixes on stage, you could use gender benders on your multicore and send aux 3&4 down a couple of spare channels to the stage.

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Re: What signal path to use? [Re: DMAudio]
      #852030 - 06/08/10 06:22 PM
Subs on aux send is really a professional trick where only the kick, bass gtr and any samples, backing tracks, loops, pads, etc get sent to the subs. This is for 18" drivers and above, usu 80Hz downwards, where you can control the amount of any channel that goes all the way down.

That's really for where the rest of the rig crosses out at 70-100Hz, if you split your rig any higher (as in 15" goes up to 120 or 150Hz, you're going to get gaps in your reinforcement with firing them on aux. Best to use your x-over on your mains (L-R) and high-pass anything not needed above 80Hz (eg vox, gtrs, many keys... -everything except kick and bass gtr, really).

You'll get more power and clarity out of your rig if you use your crossover to high-pass your mid-tops at a point where they're not seriously tailing-off naturally.

A good crossover point is where at normal gains, the crossover freq is as loud from the mid-tops as from the bass/subs (and in phase/time-aligned). That way you'll get a smooth transition from bass/sub cab to mid-tops.


planet nine
lincoln, uk.

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