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A few bugs in synth secrets series new
      #991455 - 05/06/12 10:31 PM

Been reading through this course in bed , got as far as part 32 (dec 2001) and am enjoying it a lot. Am going to read it again while experimenting on my synth. Hopefully I'll take more of it in

However, I noticed there are a few errors in the various links, having nothing better to do, I played around on my ipad and made a few notes

1) Synth Secrets, Part 4: Of Filters & Phase Relationships, (August 1999)

Do you have the diagram the yellow box refers to please? The one explaining expressing phase in degrees?

2) Synth Secrets, Part 9: An Introduction To VCAs (Jan 2000)

The second picture links to the first picture. After a couple of tries, I worked out it should link to

but it currently links to the first pic which is


3) Synth Secrets, Part 15: An Introduction To ESPS & Vocoders (July 2000)

Where it says in bold "External Signal Processing (1):The Pitch-to-Voltage Converter", below that to the right you have a pic of a piece of hardware.

Underneath that pic you have two diagrams. One correctly showing Fig 5 & 6, but the diagram underneath that one should show fig 7 & 8 but is linked to Fig 5 & 6.

I worked it out that is should be linked to

instead of its current link to ....../synth5_6.gif

All easy for me to work out to view the correct pic. Nothing else I noticed until I got to

4) Part 27: Roland SH101/ARP Axxe Brass Synthesis (July 2001)

Not one thing is linked in this.

trial and error found me the following pics (which is fig 15)

Some aren't all that important as you can see enough info on the screen, but it would be nice if I could see the following pics properly

Fig 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20

Excellent series, you should publish it as a book.



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Joined: 14/10/11
Posts: 115
Re: A few bugs in synth secrets series new [Re: Ojustaboo]
      #991462 - 06/06/12 12:04 AM
Just in case, series I'm referring to is this one

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Hugh RobjohnsAdministrator
SOS Technical Editor

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Re: A few bugs in synth secrets series new [Re: Ojustaboo]
      #991521 - 06/06/12 11:55 AM
Wow! Thanks for that comprehensive bug list! Very much appreciated. Our web-fixer is on holiday at the moment, but I'll make sure she sees this on her return.


Technical Editor, Sound On Sound

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Jennifer Jones
Web Editor, Support & Social Media

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Re: A few bugs in synth secrets series [Re: Ojustaboo]
      #993334 - 18/06/12 09:11 AM
Some more to add to the list that have been reported (for my reference) - not sure how long these will take to sort out, but it's quite a hefty task.

Thanks for reporting it to us, and thank you for your patience!

5) On Synth Secrets chapter 44 none of the visible small illustrations are linked to their large counterparts in the media section, and the large versions of illustrations 3a and 13 are missing.

6) Synth Secrets series chapter 43 on page is missing illustration 8, which has been replaced by illustration 9 both in small and large forms.

7) Another illustration problem with the Synth Secrets series chapter 42 illustration I tried entering the address manually, various spellings, and also searched in previous and subsequent months by changing the month variable. It appears to be missing completely rather than just being omitted by a link error.

8) I found another misdirection with the illustrations of chapter 14 of the Synth Secrets series. The small image synth7_8.gif brings up the large image of synth5_6.gif. As before, I was able to view synth7_8.gif by entering its address manually.

9) I manually entered the address instead of synth1_2.gif and the correct full size image appeared.

10) In Synth Secrets chapter 9, the second illustration on the page ( expands to the same image as the first. They both expand to "synth1_2.gif" and the third expands to "synth3_4.gif" so there is not even room for the name.

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Edited by Jennifer Jones (18/06/12 09:11 AM)

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Re: A few bugs in synth secrets series new [Re: Ojustaboo]
      #994515 - 24/06/12 05:45 PM
Great. I need to get my head into this subject soon so it'd be appreciated if corrections are made.


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