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Recording Techniques (13 viewing)
  A place to discuss all things related to recording your basic tracks. Use this forum to discuss microphones and mic selection, mic preamps, field and studio recording techniques, performance monitoring, session planning and budgeting. Newbies warmly welcome – come in and say hello!
24311 168511 * Re: Recording Percussive g...
    (desmond) - 22/05/15 12:51 PM
Production - Mixing, Mastering, Gear & Techniques (6 viewing)
  Production: Mixing & Mastering, gear and techniques. A place to discuss all things to do with music production, including studio gear choices, hardware and ITB mixing, EQ, compression and other effects (both hardware and software-based), headphone/loudspeaker monitoring, all aspects of post-production and mastering. This is the place to post your links if you are looking for feedback on your own productions, too.
6603 59085 * Re: I've finally produced ...
    (SYNTHMAN_2015) - 22/05/15 11:00 AM
  Post your own alerts about products and the audio industry. Manufacturers welcome!
745 1322 * Re: Junkyard Percussion Vo...
    (midierror) - 22/05/15 06:16 AM
Music Business (2 viewing)
  Want advice on how to get your music heard or setting up your own label? Wondering how PRS works? Curious to know how to get your tracks more exposure on the web? This is the place to discuss all the business aspects of the 'music business'.
1587 18231 * Re: Is this a good occupat...
    (The Red Bladder) - 22/05/15 11:45 AM
Mac Music (3 viewing)
  Discussion group for current and would-be users of Apple Macs and associated peripherals with answers to many FAQs.
2625 24014 * Re: About to use Mainstage...
    (Tomás Mulcahy) - 20/05/15 01:16 AM
PC Music (2 viewing)
  All things relating to music-making on a Windows computer.
Moderated by Martin Walker
3298 18088 * Re: PC specs for soft synt...
    (Richard Graham) - 21/05/15 08:07 PM
Apps and Other Computers/OS
  A place to discuss all other computers and operating systems, including Atari, Linux and mobile app discussions.
164 790 * Auria
    (Cargo) - 11/05/15 03:26 AM
Guitar Technology (9 viewing)
  A place to discuss all things guitar and bass technology.
3763 40825 * Re: Kemper Profiler Owners...
    (Music Wolf) - 22/05/15 12:09 PM
Keyboards & Synthesis
  If you're a fan of synths, pianos or keyboards of any sort then this is the place for you!
1429 15022 * Re: Analogue gate voltage ...
    (BillB) - 21/05/15 01:17 PM
DIY, Electronics, Studio Design & Acoustics (1 viewing)
  Customising, building or repairing your own gear? Building, treating or equipping a new studio? Need help with acoustic treatment and bass traps? If you have a toolbox or soldering iron, need advice on repairs, this is the place to hang out to exchange tips, ask questions and find practical answers.
2001 20910 * Re: Adding wet/dry mix to ...
    (Folderol) - 22/05/15 07:57 AM
Music Theory, Songwriting & Composition
  Dedicated to the use and abuse of formal music theory and its applications, score writing, practice strategies, overcoming creative blocks, as well as any other issues regarding composition/songwriting and lyrics.
212 2946 * Re: Re-recording sketches ...
    (Pazu) - 22/05/15 11:48 AM
Live Sound & Performance (4 viewing)
  If you perform live (or aspire to), want advice on live sound engineering, PA gear, amps and backline then this forum is for all you performing musicians, gigging bands, and live sound engineers.
2330 24845 * Re: Compressor question
    (seablade) - 22/05/15 11:07 AM
User Reviews
  Use this dedicated forum to post your self-penned user reports/reviews of equipment/software/instruments that you own and/or use regularly. Before posting, please check if your gear has already been featured. If so, add your Review/Report as a REPLY to that existing thread.
111 709 * Re: Audio Technica ATH-M50...
    (alexis) - 20/05/15 08:24 PM
Remote Collaboration
  Exploring the tools and techniques for long-distance recording projects
16 60 * Re: Steinberg's VST Connec...
    (Pazu) - 21/05/15 11:54 AM
Use the forum(s) below to discuss things you like and dislike about the SOS site and/or the print Magazine itself. We read it all. SOS Forums Threads Posts Last post
* Magazine, Website & Forum Feedback (4 viewing)
  Discuss, suggest, offer opinions, critique and offer help to improve the magazine, website and forums, so they deliver what YOU wish to see.
102 318 * Re: Using the Pink Noise t...
    (shufflebeat) - 21/05/15 11:22 PM
SOS Support Forum
  Report any bugs & errors with the forums, SOS site and related content here. Please check existing discussions before posting a new topic.
17 79 * Re: Help Please to Access ...
    (alexis) - 16/05/15 04:53 PM

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