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Yamaha AG-Stomp - Connecting to mixer.

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Yamaha AG-Stomp - Connecting to mixer.

Postby Agamemnon » Wed May 06, 2009 11:59 pm

I have been using a Yamaha AG Stomp, with outputs connected to mixer Mic inputs, via the TRS-to-XLR adaptor cables provided. Works fine. Up to now I have had the phantom power on the mixer turned off (it is common to all inputs), but now I need it switched on to power a condensor mike at the same time.
Will it be ok to have phantom power on while the AG-Stomp is connected?

(Ratings of AG-Stomp are:
Output Level/Impedance
OUTPUT L/MONO: Balance +4 dBm / 600 Ω
OUTPUT R: Balance +4 dBm / 600 Ω
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Re: Yamaha AG-Stomp - Connecting to mixer.

Postby Wonks » Thu May 07, 2009 7:51 am

It won't like phantom power. You'll need to use TRS-to-TRS leads and use the line inputs on the mixer.

If it is for recording, (rather than live use), you could always use the S/PDIF output on the Stomp if your soundcard has a suitable input. I used the S/PDIF output on my Yamaha DG combo and it worked well.
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