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'shared library error' message in Pro Tools

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'shared library error' message in Pro Tools

Postby JBleu » Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:39 am


I am trying to open a Pro Tools session but keep getting this error message:
shared library error. "3<Pro Tools PPC dbg><DAE><DSI><DsiWriteHostRegister>"

I have Pro Tools HD 6.9.2 on a dual 2.7 GHz Power PC GS, 6 GB DDR SDRAM, running on OS X 4.8 . With 2 internal hard drives.

What happened was all was running fine for years, until a few days ago I tried to load Pro Tools 8 (Digidesign install disk from the studio I work at). The disk wouldn't read, so I upgraded the OS to OS X 4.11 & this is when it seemed everything went nuts (computer wouldn't boot, had to boot from install disk & switch boot drives, in which the computer turned on with no problem.

After doing some reading on the Avid forums, I reset the PRam & NVRAM, did a zero erase on the boot drive after backing it up & repaired disk permissions from the 'disk utility' located in the install disk menu. After this, when I tried to launch PT's I received the 'unable to locate Digidesign Hardware' error message that wouldn't go away even tho' everything was on, connected & working fine previously.

I then uninstalled & re-installed Pro Tools from the original install disk & now I'm receiving the 'shared library error' message.

I know this sounds quite complicated, but if anyone here has experience with this type of message (of which I can find NOTHING about it on the Avid support site or forum) I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

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Re: 'shared library error' message in Pro Tools

Postby Phil O » Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:54 am

IIRC, the message is most usually associated with a compatibility issue. That said, PT 6.9.2 should be OK on OS 10.4.11.

Is the install disk definitely 6.9.2 and not an earlier version that you updated to arrive at the version you have now?
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