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Postby bowlingo » Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:09 am

Hi all,

As of a previous post..I am having severe neighbour problems and am desperatly trying to build up a case for my local councils enviromental health team..tonight I got her on CCTV banging on my door at 12.20am and trying to force the door in....

What I am trying to do is install a microphone of which ive now ordered "Omnidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone" that im planning on hiding in a rabbit hutch in my back garden close to the neighbours fence. I have become totally stuck after spending hours and hours trying to source a program that I can run on a laptop using the mini jack mic input that will record on a 24/7 basis, I can cut pieces out, save them as evidence then replay then to the relevant authorities as a dvd of which will have a time/date stamp on (with a black screen) like my 4 way cctv system.

The only way I think im going to be able to achieve this is by getting another dvr unit and monitor then plug the mic into it.

I am wondering how I plug a mini jack mic into a dvr and which is a known working dvr to buy etc thats going to get over the above problem?...after tonight the abuse is going to be horrific thats going to be flying across our fence etc.

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