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Music for TV, live recording without click into DAW?

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Music for TV, live recording without click into DAW?

Postby Pitchfork » Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:19 am

This has got me thinking, I know you can record and track with tempo changes, but does anyone do or currently try recording and playing into their DAW like live players/orchestra would to picture?

I know you can record into a DAW (mine is Reaper and Ableton) and then fiddle with tempo envelopes, but is there any advantage to re-recording and overdubbing free hand to give the instrumental parts a more live fluid feel like real instruments?

Everytime I have tried to input tempo changes, automation envelopes for tempo, the fluidity seems to be lost, even to the point that turning off Quantize, still 'sticks' some notes, and it doesn't sound as free form as when i played it in?

This may sound a bit mad, but the more I listen to film music, changing tempo with the scene sounds right, and not get too caught up with automation etc (presuming you can play along with the picture I suppose) :) :headbang:
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Re: Music for TV, live recording without click into DAW?

Postby jrbcm » Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:38 am

If I want to play rubato piano for example, I just play it in free in Logic then go through and use tempo mapping which is fiddly but tells Logic where the beats are. Then you can easily make other parts which match the many tiny tempo changes. I've had live strings play along to the resulting variable click and it works if you're sensible about where you put the beats etc.
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