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Separating Music from "Road Hum" in a Movie Soundtrack Audio

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Separating Music from "Road Hum" in a Movie Soundtrack Audio

Postby 2privatus » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:27 am


Situation: I've extracted a piece of music (otherwise unobtainable - There is no commercially available soundtrack CD or Mp3) from a YouTube video excerpt of a movie available online here...

The problematic portion of the audio occurs between 8:16 and 8:32 into this YouTube video.

Problem: The music was mixed with the incidental noise of the movie's final scene (the "road hum" of a jeep moving down a street). I seek advice on how best to reduce -- or better still, eliminate -- the incidental noise from the music.

Tools: I have Audacity (Version 1.2.6), and the version of Nero WaveEditor that came with Nero 9. If necessary, I'm willing to download additional software, so long as its not too expensive (i.e. using costly/sophisticated sound editing software to accomplish this small task is a poor cost/benefit trade-off).

Attempted Solutions: I have, of course, used the noise reduction tools offered by both Audacity and Nero WaveEditor. With these, and my limited knowledge/experience, I've only been able to somewhat reduce the "road hum" noise, while also reducing the quality of the music (rendering it "muddy" or "watery".

Question: Does anyone have suggestions on how to best reduce/eliminate this noise while maximizing the quality of the underlying music using the tools I already have (Audacity/Nero), or other inexpensive/easy to use software?

Warning: As I am a newbie, please don't assume much sophistication on my part. I do know how to suppress generalized imperfections (like tape hiss) using the noise reduction tools in my software. However, getting rid of the embedded/mixed noise in the audio from the video linked above is well beyond my current abilities.

Thanks for reading this. More thanks still for any useful advice.

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Re: Separating Music from "Road Hum" in a Movie Soundtrack Audio

Postby Mixedup » Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:24 am

Noise reduction will do something, but the music will be compromised at best. Better just to enjoy listening to it as it is.

Have you considered contacting the copyright holders, whether that be the film company, or the estate of Geoffrey Burgon (the composer), who sadly passed away earlier this year?
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