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Converters, Clocking and Black Lion Audio mods

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Converters, Clocking and Black Lion Audio mods

Postby mat6066 » Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:43 am

Hi All,

I'm looking for ways to improve my signal path and I'm looking to see if I need to upgrade my converters and/or clocking.

I currently run a MOTU PCI 424 card that receives inputs from a MOTU 2408 Mk3 and 2408 Mk2. The TRS inputs of the bank A of the 2408 mk3 are wired to my patchbay to receive a variety of different inputs including a stereo Drawmer 1960 preamp and an Audient Mica stereo preamp; Bank B is assigned to receive 4 channels of ADAT from a Focusrite 428 prepack preamp; and Bank C is connected via SPDIF to a Lexicon PCM91.

The analogue inputs of the 2408 are not used; Bank B receives ADAT from an external PC that runs my orchestral sample libraries; and Bank C is connected via SPDIF to a Lexicon MPX1.

All audio from the PCI 424 goes to a G5 mac that then routes all outgoing audio to the main outputs of the 2408 mk3. All clocking comes from the internal clock of the Mk3 unit via the ADAT cables.

Given this set up, what upgrade would best improve the fidelity of my recordings?. I have a budget of around £800. I was thinking about investing in a Black Lion Audio modification of my 2408 mk3 as this procedure is relatively inexpensive and get positive feedback in forums.

I'd be grateful for any thoughts anyone has.

Many thanks,
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