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Waves Signature Series......(CLA vocals)

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Waves Signature Series......(CLA vocals)

Postby Shonn Frank » Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:22 pm

What's up, SOS?

Quick question, just out of curiosity, I was wondering if anyone uses this series, namely the CLA vox?

I was able to get my hands on the W7 bundle pretty cheap a while ago(right place, right time) I can't say that I would shell out the dough if I had to buy them straight up, but there ARE some gems. I like to mix into some slight SSL 4000 on the 2-bus, love the V-series and the CLA-compressors and I always end up with Rbass on my subs (right or wrong). And for vocals I really love the Kramer Helios console strip....

But about the signature series. My first impression is NO on the all-in-one type stuff, like the Izotope Necter, because I usually want to set up aux sends and what not. But these plug-ins have everything included, like Reverb and delay on the Vocals, for example.

But I have to admit, they sound pretty good, especially the CLA Bass and Vocals. But after I audition it I always put it away and go with my conventional set ups... which are probably not as sound as CLA's. lol

Just wondering if anyone here uses them and how. DO you just slap it on the vox bus or the main track....... They are also, like all the waves stuff, pretty CPU heavy. (WUWT?)

Shonn Frank
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Re: Waves Signature Series......(CLA vocals)

Postby _ Six _ » Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:19 am

The CLA vocals are probably the weakest of all the plugs in the range IMO. The reason being that every voice is different and all have their own nuances which respond very differently to effects, dynamics and EQ.

The CLA Bass is very usable and I can dial in great sounds in seconds but I only tend to use these style of plugs for headphone mixes and demos. Any serious mixing should be given more consideration I think!

I don't think I'd pay for Waves products again because during an upgrade they forced me to take out the Waves Update Plan so I could continue using the products with my new machine. A hefty investment for good plugs but there are comparable options at a more competitive price. They seriously need to rethink their business model.


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Re: Waves Signature Series......(CLA vocals)

Postby Billum » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:43 am

Yeah I find the CLA bass module to be the most useable of the lot. I've also used the Maserati Group Processor module for quick & dirty 'mastering' on end-of-day's-work review copies (yes, I'm not proud of that). :crazy:

For getting something very quick and tolerable in the heat of the moment they can be fine, but rarely make it into a final mix.

I think Waves have realised that they're not really competitive in the market now, and are changing their business model and pricing structure. But it's hard to do that whilst still maintaining the image of high quality and not appearing to be struggling, so we're seeing endless 'specials' and seasonal bargains (e.g. plugins for single-digit dollar prices), which I don't think will be ending anytime soon.
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Re: Waves Signature Series......(CLA vocals)

Postby Jabba1 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:07 am

I've been very happy with the CLA package certainly for guitars and for the most part bass as well.

Vocals.... well, I used it with a reasonable degree of satisfaction until I got the Waves Maserati pack, which has turned into a go-to solution instead.

The update plan isnt the most friendly of systems, I have to admit. Having said that, I'm not planning on either changing my iMac or blowing it up for that matter... :D
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