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Nocturn Keyboard 25 & Cubase 5 Issues

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Nocturn Keyboard 25 & Cubase 5 Issues

Postby Ze Piña » Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:41 pm

Hi, 1st post

Hopefully my concern aint to noob for this forum,.. I really will appreciate some help with this..

I am currently using Cubase 5, and the problem is that my controller, a Nocturn Keyboard 25,
usually does not fully recognize the different VST's, I am currently using the Automap newest Version for this, and whenever choosing any VST the automap will recognize the VST knobs and
assign them to the controller knobs, However the keyboard wont work in most of the cases...

I reinstalled the automap but the same problem happened. I have tried with new projects..
Sometimes the controller keyboard is able to take the VST sometimes wont, however it will always
work using the Cubase built in keyboard ALT + K, of course I usually deactivate the built-in keyboard whenever using the Controller ... I guess that's the idea.

I am sure this is not a hardware problem since I have tested the controller in Garage Band and
it allows me to use the keyboard with any vst, can this be something related with the laptop RAM capacity or something? Or is there any kind of block option for the keyboard controller Functionality ?

I appreciate any help on this ..
Thanks !
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Ze Piña
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Re: Nocturn Keyboard 25 & Cubase 5 Issues

Postby OneWorld » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:34 pm

Hello and welcome to SOS, I lived in Costa Rica for a few years, lovely place, lived a bit in Puerto Limon, San Antonio de Belen and San Jose.

I had problems with Automap, found it wasn't quite as magical as I had expected, when it works uit's great, but it doesn't always work, not on every VST, am wondering whether within the software there are templates, some recognised, some not. But why your controls do work and the keyboard doesn't is odd.

You could always use it as a generic MIDI controller and use MIDI 'learn' takes an age I know?
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Re: Nocturn Keyboard 25 & Cubase 5 Issues

Postby Ze Piña » Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:40 pm

Hey that´s crazy.. thank you for replying, I really appreciate it!, I have actually gone through a lot of topics online referring to this Nocturn Keybord 25 and its capabilities, and let me tell you... most of them show strong negative comments regarding not the controller but the keyboard itself, such as problems with the Velocity registered, keyboard misbehaving and other abnormalities, I really dont know where were all these bad comments when I purchased the controller ...anyway! :protest:

Definitely a built in software keyboard problem here... Just like you said .. Automapping is great when is working fine but it might turn in a nigthmare when this kind of things happen..

I Will continue doing some tests until I am able to fix and take the best out of this little piece of controller... and let you guys know what happened..

If someone reads this post and its aware about some keyboard issues with this Nocturn 25 please let us know... Thx !
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