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Could I get some critique on this swing piano song?

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Could I get some critique on this swing piano song?

Postby LunarDrift » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:41 pm

I'd really appreciate some thoughts on the musicality of the piece as well as how my mixing job sounds. :thumbup:
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Re: Could I get some critique on this swing piano song?

Postby panurge » Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:38 pm

Hello there, i just realized that the three musical pieces i commented since i subscribed to SOS share the same author...! How cool is that?

Anyway here's my two cents about the piece:

if your aim is to make the piano sound natural, i think you should consider making it a little bit less precise by applying variations in velocity, and maybe displacing some notes by a very little amount in order to make them less artificial (when a pianist strikes a chord it rarely happens that the chord notes are played at exactly the same moment with exactly the same force). If you played the piano part yourself, maybe it can be useful to turn off time quantization, applying it in a second time only where necessary.

But then again, given the dancey nature of the piece, what i said could very well be ignored.
In any case, what i said applies only to the 'left hand'... the piano solo sounds ok to me (even if sometimes i have the impression i am missing some notes, or that some notes should be more 'legato' than they are, but it is very cool overall).

From a purely 'mixing' point of view, i think that the piece sounds quite good, i did not hear bad clashes between instruments or the like. I'm not a pro in mixing (more the contrary) so i'll be happy to let someone more expert to integrate with more insightful comments.

If you want to give the piece a more swingy attitude (after all you called it a swing piano song) i'd suggest to find different drum sounds, especially for the kick and snare. But i really don't hear a lot of swing in here, and so i'm not disappointed about how those... uhmm... "elecro-pop" drums fit toghether with the rest of the instruments. It all boils down to what kind of piece you want this to be, really.

As a last note, the guitar solo is cool and i like its almost-slapped sound. Just check out the second or third note of the solo: it sounds like a wrong note to my ears... You could make it less evident by reducing the guitar volume in that spot, if you do not have a way to auto-tune it.

This piece has got a nice syncopated groove, and some good melodic, as always, thank you for sharing and rock'n'roll!
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