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Copyright on Classical Music

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Copyright on Classical Music

Postby UneducatedWeasl » Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:59 pm


Working with an artist atm on a classical (broad term, apologies that it's not technically correct) album, guitar and vocal stuff. All the piece have been written by other people, as it's a performance album (some Britten, Maxwell Davies, few written by acquaintances of artist). They've paid for the use of the tracks, and what to know what to do with copyright in terms of the mastering and notes etc. Do they list the entire project as being copyright under their own names, or do they need to list the copyrights for each individual rights holder? I'm working in Waveburner, so Copyright can only be listed for the entire project, for what I can find, though I can put the original composers and arrangers in the CD text for each track.

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