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New House - New System

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New House - New System

Postby sticky 117 » Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:44 am

Hi all - please help.
I'm moving house which has prompted me to look at my kit and the way I work.

I'm a long time Logic user (since Atari and Notator days) and for quite a while I've been using a Yamaha 01V with ADAT into an RME AIO pce card, a Unitor midi interface with various bits of midi kit hanging off the back.

Recently I got a Broadhurst Gardens pre amp which I connected straight into the break out cable from the RME card.

I now realise that I seldom use the desk, apart from driving the monitors (Harbeth) and I never use the midi sounds at my disposal - I've gradually migrated to working in the box!

So - question. What set ups are forum members using for working in the box?

I never use more than 2 mics/ inputs when recording live instruments/vocals and I'm happy mixing on the screen.

I can use the house move to really streamline the way I work, turning a pain in the bum into a great opportunity!

So over to the great mass of Mac users out there - what set ups can you recommend.? How can I scrape off all off this redundant kit and still function? Do I need some kind of monitor controller? Recommendations please.........
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