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Logic Pro X...Snap,crackles and pops...

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Logic Pro X...Snap,crackles and pops...

Postby IAA » Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:50 pm

I've been working with X for a while and been suffering from pops et al despite very little hardship on the processor (iMac i7 16Gb Ram, RME FF800, recording to external Disk, I/O buffer 64 samples). I notice that there is a CPU spike before (or after the pop - dependant on how quick the performance monitor is), anyway I was trying to eliminate possible culprits and I seemed to have sorted it on my system...........believe it or not it was the metronome polyphonic click setting!!!! (which on Logic 9 I always had on monophonic) - anyway since changing it back to monophonic (presumably defaults in X to polyphonic?) - instant silence (apart from the piano that was meant to be there)
I share for two reasons;

1/If you are pulling your hair out try it - it might work, (of course it might not for your system!) and is better than some of the alternatives I've seen people suggest on some of the forums!
2/Does anyone have any idea why - it seems almost magical really?

Anyway it works - I changed nothing else and not had (that) problem since.

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Re: Logic Pro X...Snap,crackles and pops...

Postby Scope » Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:43 pm

Seems it is set to Poly, by default !

Bit strange, but then there are a few thing in "Logic X" that are difficult to understand.
For example, destructive audio editing is turned off by default, & you can't edit it when you D/Click the bit you want.
You have to open it in a dedicated editor window.

Now, for my money, this slows down the flow.
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