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Alternatives to Tascam US-800

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Alternatives to Tascam US-800

Postby HollowAxis » Tue May 15, 2012 9:50 pm

My Tascam US-800 has served me (Fairly) well, however... I can no longer deal with its terrible drivers. I know how my computer works, I've set it up right and confirmed on many many occasions that the drivers for this interface bluescreen my laptop.

So... considering alternatives.

A great plus for this unit is the dual headphones jacks.
I really enjoy just having headphones in one and my Avantone MixCube (With correctly made mono summing cable) in the other.

I can only find two other interfaces with this dual jack setup...

The Lexicon IO-42 and
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra.

The Lexicon is VERY good looking, I love the way it looks!
Separate headphone jacks with separate volume knobs! Great design Overall.
The Ultra also seems nice but might be discontinued? (Not many stores seems to have it).

So three questions...

Does anyone have any more suggestions for an interface with dual headphones jacks?
Does anyone have experience with the two specific interfaces I've listed?
...and if so... are they any good?

I don't want to jump from one buggy product to another.
If I could get a first hand opinion of how the drivers (and other functions) on the others actually perform I would be grateful.
I assume the preamps on all of these units are basically equivalent given the low price point? Nothing spectacular, but not entirely dreadful.

Any and all opinions welcome

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