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Virtual Midi and combining midi instruments

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Virtual Midi and combining midi instruments

Postby TobyC » Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:12 pm

I just wanted to thank Martin Walker for the excellent article about the LoopBe virtual midi cable.

I run Sonar X2a Producer and now have the ability to combine multiple internal/soft and external hardware synths triggered by a single midi track, or the input midi keyboard associated with that track. This feels similar to Reason's Combinator feature except that you can easily patch in external synths with their full bank and patch lists accessible from drop-downs thanks to Sonar's instrument definition "ins" files.

LoopBe1 will be more than sufficient for me as each 'bank' of combined midi instruments only uses one of the 16 channels available from the port.

Thanks and regards and best wishes for 2013.
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