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running ableton projects from usb drive

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running ableton projects from usb drive

Postby RishiP » Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:14 am

Hello everyone

so im relatively new to Ableton Live and really excited about the ":collect and save" feature. I have searched for many posts but most I've seen are from 2008, and technoloogy of flash drives have changes since then, so....

Does anyone have experience running ableton projects stored on USB flash drives? Any noticable difference from running off a hard drive? Does anyone have suggestions for USB drives that are better than others for running projects? im thinking of buying a high capacity USB drive (64-128GB) and would like to spend the money wisely.

I know its kind of being lazy, but instead of transfering from laptop hard drive to PC hard drive ande vice versa, it would be nice to just store on a USB drive.

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