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Akai S5000 midi timing problems

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Akai S5000 midi timing problems

Postby basilfawlty » Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:28 am

I'm triggering a drum kit on an S5000, using Cubase 4. Thing is, with 1 or 2 simple midi tracks the timing is ok. However the more tracks I add, the system appears to 'choke' - the Akai seems to 'buffer' a little - say by about 15 - 20ms, certainly enough to destroy any notion of groove. Odd thing is, if the more complicated parts are ordered higher up on the arrange page in Cubase, the problem is far less noticeable (though still there).

I have a couple of tracks triggering bar-long chords. If I mute thos, the problem goes away. Or if I keep them in, but delay them by a few ticks, its far better.

My first instinct was that Cubase was at fault, or maybe the midisport 4x4. However, sending exactly the same midi data out to my XP30 (via the 4x4), the timing was bang on regardless of the order on the arrange page.

So, it points to some kind of dodgy buffering on the Akai. Surely not! I know there were timing issues with v1.0 of the software, but this all got sorted, no?

When I think back to my early years in programming, the Atari / Akai combo was superb regarding timing.

Anyone else had this? Am I urinating in the wind looking for a solution? I love the sound of the Akai, and am very familiar with the interface, so the workflow is good. The timing is properly dreadful.
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