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Sandybridge Motherboard Help

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Sandybridge Motherboard Help

Postby Frederick » Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:12 am

I put together a computer a couple of years ago using a Sandybridge i2600k CPU and a H61 motherboard. I didn't realise I couldn't overclock to the CPUs full potential with the H61 board and would now like a new motherboard that takes advantage of the i7-2600k's overclocking abilities.

Problem is, two years have passed in the mean time and I haven't kept up with developments. Should I be looking at a Sandybridge board, an Ivybridge board or what? I know some of the Ivybridge boards are backwards compatible with Sandybridge, so is there anything to gain with going with one of these newer boards?

I don't really want to spend too far north of £100-£120 and would like a board that is stable first and bells and whistles second. Can anyone sum up the developments of the last two years regarding motherboards and advise on what they think would be a good board?
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