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LINK 61: Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs For Music

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LINK 61: Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs For Music

Postby Martin Walker » Tue Jul 25, 2006 11:09 am ... n_0606.htm

The Small Form Factor (SFF) PC is a useful halfway house between the flexible but bulky desktop PC and the very portable but expensive and not easily upgradeable laptop. But how well does the SFF PC fit the bill for musicians? We find out.


Introduction - more robust than a laptop, PCI slots, yet easily luggable.

The Shuttle PC - invented in 2001, with complete systems and Barebones kits for DIY.

Slimline Features - Mini-ITX motherboards, slot options, special PSUs, typical examples.

Shuttle Noise - acoustic reports, choosing suitable processors, modifying SFF cases.

Specialist Music Mini-PCs - from Kustom PCs, Red Sub, Inta Audio, Millennium...

Sleek & Chic - Hoojum Cubit 5 cases, Be Blu...

Suitable Screens - rugged and luggable flatscreen monitors from Neovo and Shuttle.

Micro ATX Format - motherboards, PC Lifestyle and 'Video Recorder' case styles, Quiet PC cases, Red Sub Mini-Sub, Carillon Cube...

Music On The Move - PDA running Microsoft's Pocket PC O/S, plus suitable sequencer software.
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