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Help fitting new machine heads

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Help fitting new machine heads

Postby Moroccomoose » Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:39 pm

Hello folks, has anyone got any ideas?....

I had to replace a machine head on My wasburn G5-V due to a cracked case on the sealed casting.

I found some replacements on the net.. They were washburn ones of almost identical design to the original ones so I WAS quite happy.

That was until I went to fit one and found the tang where it screws into the rear of the headstock to stop it from spinning in its pinion hole is at a slightly different angle to the original's tang. The result is that the heads 'lean forward' towards the finger board.

As i'm replaceing all 6 heads, I thought I could make this a 'funky design feature' ... But I know deep down, it'll just look silly really.

If I make a new hole, the old one will be visable and there is a risk of break through into the existing hole,

So, what are my options???... :?

'Drunk' machine heads
Drill new hole.. with risks?
Any other ideas? :headbang:

Thanks for any input.

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Re: Help fitting new machine heads

Postby . . . Delete This User . . . » Wed Nov 30, 2011 3:43 pm

fill old hole first, then drill new ones,.
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