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Replacing a Nord

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Replacing a Nord

Postby Ravin'around » Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:58 pm

Hi guys!
I wanted to ask your Keyboardist advice on potentially selling and replacing my Nord Piano 2.
I really like the sounds on the Nord but feel they could be replaced by something much cheaper and not much shabbier.
My thought was to buy a much cheaper weighted, digital keyboard and a seperate module of synth/keyboard sounds- I can connect through midi. I suppose it might even be possible to import Nord sounds?
Just wondered if you guys think its a good idea. I only really use the Nord for its lovely Rhodes sounds, decent tremolos on those and a few Synth sounds I particularly like as they've become a part of my music. I'm sure I can emulate some of these or replace them though!
Is the Nord a little overpriced- I'm not sure exactly what you're paying for. It does have the best touch and Piano sounds of anything I tried- a few years ago mind. I no longer am bothered for the acoustic piano sounds- for me its a real piano or I prefer to just go with Rhodes. Never feels quite right somehow.. and a less realistic piano sound can be just as effective creatively for the music I'm making- perhaps more so! Your thoughts are much appreciated.
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Re: Replacing a Nord

Postby Dave B » Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:07 pm

So the question here is : how much will you get selling your Nord?

A quick look on ebay sees one being offered for about £1600. Let's take that as a figure.

So first you need a replacement keyboard : the Studiologic SL Grand looks very nice at about 700quid. The Roland A88 and Arturia Keylab 88 are about 50quid less.

So that leaves us with about a grand for a module. And I'm struggling to find something new with a good Rhodes and some synth.

So we look at s/h and the options are many. A Fantom XR can be had cheap and that samples as well. Then you have XV series modules which can have a card to add decent Rhodes - still well within budget. I'd suggest looking at a Kurzweil K2500/2600 rack - old, but still great.

So, yes, you could do it and save a couple of bob. But ... I'm not sure how good an idea that it. Your Nord currently does everything that you need it to and you've already said that you like it's piano even if you don't use it. Not using it is not the same as not needing it - there may come a time where you would like to have access to a quality piano sound without having the real thing - stage pianos are quite handy..

If you need the money, then you can get a replacement system, but it will inevitably be a compromise. I'd stick with what you've got / know.
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