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On this page you will find information on what cookies may be set when you visit the SOS web site and how to manage your cookie settings. This page should be read in conjunction with the main Sound On Sound Privacy Policy

Under EU law we are obliged to disclose to all site users information about the use of cookies on our web site. All users within the EU zone who browse our web site must be provided with the option to switch off cookies from our site. It is your choice whether or not to do this and you may switch them on and off at any point in time.

Control and delete cookies
SOS does not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you. However, if you wish to block the cookies which are set by our web site, or indeed any other web site, you can do this through your browser settings. See the Help function within your browser for information on how to do this.

Alternatively, visit which contains comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of browsers. You will also find details on how to delete cookies.

Please be aware that restricting cookies may impact on the functionality of the SOS site.

Here is an explanation of how SOS uses cookies.

What is a Cookie?
Most web sites store information in a small text file, called a Cookie, on your hard disk. Cookies typically contain information about you and your preferences for the web site you are visiting, so that the site can customise the web pages you see the next time you visit or go back to a previously visited part of the site.

A cookie can only store information you provide during your visit, based on the choices you make. A site cannot capture your email address unless you send it to the site, in a web form, for example. Allowing a web site to create a cookie does not give the site access to the rest of your computer, and only the site that created the cookie can read it. Credit card information is never stored in cookies.

How do SOS use Cookies?
The SOS site keeps the use of cookies to an absolute minimum. Please be aware that switching cookies off will impair your use of our web site because certain web technology can only work with cookies.

Here is a list of cookies we set:

"Remember me" on the login form. If you choose to check this box, a permanent cookie called "SOS[Login]" is stored on your computer and you will find that the box labelled "Email" will contain your login the next time you return to the site. This is simply to enable you to log in quicker and with less typing. Note that if you click ONLY this option, your password is NOT stored — only the login itself. It is recommended that you do not check this box if your computer is shared with other people who you do not know (eg. in an internet café or on a university campus).
"Stay logged in" on the login form. If you choose to check this box, a permanent cookie called "SOS[Persist]" is stored on your computer, containing your login (email address) and encrypted authentication information. You will now remain permanently logged in to the site, and you will be automatically logged back into the site each time you return to it. It is essential that you do not check this box if your computer is shared with other people. You can logout at any time by clicking the 'Logout' link on the top right-hand side of the screen next to your name.
Category selection in Readers' Ads. To help you submit multiple adverts a bit quicker, we keep track of the category of your last submitted advert and pre-select it next time you post an advert (assuming you don't close your browser in between, or otherwise start a new session).
LastPage Used for non-logged in visitors, allowing them to be redirected to the right page if they log in. Destroyed when the session ends, or at login.
ubbt_x Used for logged-in users, to manage their forum access. Destroyed when the session times out or at logout.
PHPSESSID Essential to managing the user experience, allowing users to log in and/or use the shop. Destroyed when session times out or at logout.
has_js Indicates whether the browser has javascript enabled and so could be used to enhance the user experience.
SOS[GeoIP] This cookie allows us to show you content and product prices relevant to your physical location (obtained from your IP address).
Google DoubleClick cookie: gads This is used to determine which adverts to serve, based on your browsing habits. NOT CONTROLLED BY SOS. For more information see: and also
Google Analytics cookies: utma, utmc, utmb, utmz We use these to track the use of our site to help us determine which content is popular and where the traffic comes from around the world. This is an anonymous cookie and does not collect any user personal information. The Information Commission considers this to present a low level of intrusiveness or risk of harm. SOS consider this to be a necessary cookie and so it remains active. By using the SOS web site you agree to accept this cookie. If you do not wish to accept the cookie please do not use our web site. See the Google site for further information
civicAllowCookies A cookie to tell us whether you opted to use cookies or not. Yes, it's a bizarre EU cookie law! You can delete this cookie yourself if ever you wish to revoke the use of cookies on our site.
civicShowCookieIcon Tells our site whether to show you the popup asking you to allow cookies. We hide the icon completely once you have accepted so as to avoid annoying you.

Cookies set by Third Party sites
We sometimes embed videos from web sites such as YouTube. As a result you may be presented with cookies from these web sites. SOS does not control the dissemination of these cookies so please check the third party site for more information.

Login benefits
Whenever you fill in web forms, many sites store such information in a cookie on your computer and use it to automatically populate similar forms the next time you visit. The downside of this approach is that anyone else with access to your computer's browser might be able to masquerade as you when visiting that same site. To prevent this and maximise security, the SOS site utilises a Registration/Login system instead.

You only need to register once on the main SOS site. You can volunteer to register at any time — just click the Register link at the top right of any SOS web page. If you ever elect to subscribe, enter an SOS Competition, submit your own Readers Ads, or purchase goods from the SOS Shop, it will be necessary to supply us with your personal contact details so that we know where to send your prize, shop order or magazine subscription, and when to unlock the subscribers-only premium content on the site. This information is transmitted in encrypted format and stored on our secure servers, not in a cookie, in a personalised area called 'My Account'. We do not store credit card data.

You login using the Email address you entered on the My Account registration form, plus your chosen Password. Your password is hidden from onlookers while you type it and you can change it as many times as you like. If you forget it, there's a password reminder link in the Log In box on every page. SOS administrators have the power to overwrite your password if you really get stuck! Clicking the logout link or closing your browser will log you out of the site.

Our aim at SOS is to make your visits to the site as frequent and as pleasurable as possible. Your confidentiality and privacy are both assured and respected at all times.

This page was last updated 24th May 2012.

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