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App Update

Important Information

To all direct SOS customers and Apple iTunes customers. 

The Sound On Sound tablet App for iPad and Android has been updated.

The new App operates in the same way and includes the same features such as embedded audio, video clips and selected scrolling images, but now our new app technology will give us scope to introduce even more features in the coming year.

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New Features

Access on 5 devices

The first new feature is multi-device access. The new app can be installed up to 5 times across iPad and Android devices or any combination of the two platforms (this only applies to subscriptions bought directly from SOS website). You’ll also see the download speed of each issue has improved.

Because we’ve changed to a new authoring system to bring you these new features, we have to remake all of the magazine back issues over again. So, you’ll find the past 12 months are already available and we’re working hard to upload the previous 4 years of our tablet editions as quickly as we can. We appreciate your patience.

Take a read of these App Guidelines to familiarise yourself with its functions:

Priority Action

How to maintain access

From 22nd December 2016 you’ll be able to install the new app. This app is being updated all the time, so always visit the App Store or Play Store regularly to check you have the latest version installed.

If you only have one tablet device, you should download the new app to read the new issue but you will also have access to a growing number of back issues (based on your subscription term) as we re-publish them in the new format.

If you have two devices we recommend that you download as many of your archived issues as possible to the tablet running the current (old) app. Then, install the new app on a different device so that you can read old and new issues during the transition period across your two devices.

Please note, we cannot guarantee all back issues will be available after 30th December 2016 but they will return in early 2017.

No Worries

Any single-issue purchases or issues covered by your subscription that seem to have disappeared will reappear for download in early 2017. This is a temporary situation whilst we migrate from the old to the new system. You won’t permanently lose anything and as a customer, you will be entitled to re-download the issue for free once it’s republished.


Q. Can I keep the old version of the app installed alongside the new version on the same tablet?

A. No, we’re sorry this is not possible. The new app will overwrite the old one when you download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

However, if you have two tablets, you could keep the old app on one and install the new app on the other. Then once all the back issues are re-published you can update to the new app on all your devices.

Q. I have purchased various issues over the past few years. Will they all be available?

A. All of the 2016 issues are available now and we’re adding more issues as quickly as possible. We hope to have the previous 4 years of back issues available in early 2017.

Q. I have an old iPad that won’t allow me to upgrade the iOS any longer. Will the new App work with my device?

A. Unfortunately not. Today, it is not possible to create apps that run on older systems before iOS 9.

Q. I’m part way through my subscription so do I need to install the new App?

A. Yes. The old app will stop displaying future issues from 1st January 2017 onwards. Please install the new App to continue your subscription. All the previous issues covered by your subscription can be restored to your tablet device once we have remade them.

Any Other Questions?

If you still have questions then you can open a support ticket here.

Not A Subscriber?

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