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AES 2008: M-Audio ProFire 610 (Video)

Audio Interface
New from M-Audio is the Profire 610, a portable Firewire audio interface that offers some of the same features as the Profire 2626 (see the review in SOS September 2008 and on-line here). It has four analogue inputs, eight analogue outputs and S/PDIF in and out, enabling the user to record six channels and play back 10 channels simultaneously. It also has MIDI inputs and outputs, and can be powered by the Firewire bus.

Inputs 1+2 are located on the 610’s front panel, and feature M-Audio’s respected Octane preamps that can accept microphones or instrument-level signals. They have -20dB pads and supply phantom power, so can be used with condenser microphones. Also on the front panel are the sockets and volume knobs for a pair of headphones outputs, as well as the assignable master volume control.

The 610 has on-board DSP that allows the user to configure up to five different cue mixes, and it’s capable of running in stand-alone mode, where it functions as a two-channel mic preamp and A-D/D-A converter. It can record at rates of up to 24-bit/192kHz and, as it’s part of the new M-Audio stock, it will work with Pro Tools M-Powered. In the UK, the Profire 610 costs £309 including VAT. In the US, it costs $499.

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