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Alchemea add Whizzer Virtual Tape Machine

SSL & Pro Tools automation now integrated

Press Release: Alchemea have recently added a Whizzer -Virtual Tape Machine to their SSL G series control room. The Whizzer provides transport control from the mix automation computer on SSL consoles over any device which can chase timecode, which otherwise could not be directly connected to. To “wind” back to the beginning of a 5 minute song, an autolocate takes only 3 seconds.Jon Olliffe at Alchemea's SSL console.Jon Olliffe at Alchemea's SSL console.

Head of Studio Sound, Jon Olliffe says, “there were a few products on the market which could have potentially fulfilled our need for an interface between the SSL 4000 G Series and our Pro Tools HD rig. We chose the Whizzer due to its simplicity of use, ease of integration and, most importantly, its future proof design. From an academic point of view, by encouraging the user to concentrate on using the desk automation, it suits our needs perfectly. Additionally we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the outstanding level of customer service”.

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