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Allen & Heath launch new mixers

New generation of MixWizards and larger GLD digital mixer

Allen & Heath have today announced the launch of a brand new range of MixWizard mixers a new 28-fader GLD console called the GLD112.

Since their introduction in the '90s, the MixWizard series has seen various upgrades, and this fourth generation features EQ in/out switching, an optional multichannel USB interface and new dual digital effects engines on the 16:2 and 12:2 models.

Also A&H have released a new firmware update for its GLD mixing system. Version 1.2 adds several new features, including support for the new GLD122 mixer, four new effects unique to the GLD (a stereo vocal pitch shifter, PitchDoubler, Rotator and De-Esser) as well as many other additions in response to customer feedback, including compressor parallel path.

For more information from Allen & Heath, read on:

MixWizard 4th generationPress Release: Allen & Heath launches a new generation of MixWizards

Allen & Heath will be unveiling a new generation of its industry classic MixWizard range at the forthcoming Infocomm show. Comprising the WZ4 16:2, WZ4 12:2 and WZ4 14:4:2, new 4th generation MixWizards feature enhanced styling and improved performance and functionality, including EQ in/out switching and new dual digital FX engines on the 16:2 and 12:2 models, along with an optional USB multi-track recording and playback interface card.

Originally launched in the 1990s, the MixWizard 19” rack mountable mixer range earned industry standard status for great audio, build quality and versatility, and is used in thousands of rental companies, live venues, houses of worship, recording and broadcast studios all over the world.

Every MixWizard features the new EQ in/out switching, and optional multichannel USB interface with high quality multichannel soundcard for easy recording and stereo playback. All models retain the highly acclaimed transparent mic pre-amp and 4-band EQ with 2 sweepable mids, high quality 100mm faders, 6 auxiliary sends, 12 segment bar graph metering, and unique QCC connector system for easy desktop, rack or flightcase mounting. 

The WZ4 16:2 has 16 mic/line inputs and 2 stereo returns, plus separate LR and Mono faders. The WZ4 12:2 has 8 mono channels, 2 dual stereo channels and 2 stereo returns, separate LR and Mono output faders. Both feature the new stereo Dual FX engines, with 7 segment LED display as part of the improved user interface which also includes tap tempo and an encoder to adjust FX parameters, which provide an updated suite of 20 studio quality FX presets.  WZ4 14:4:2 is a dual function mixer, with 10 mono inputs, 2 dual stereo inputs, 4 sub groups, a 6 x 2 matrix for creating custom mixes, and an oscillator and pink noise generator for line-up and speaker testing.

“It’s been 17 years since we launched the first model and nearly 100,000 have been sold but MixWizards are still a relevant choice for today’s sound engineers, providing a tough, reliable and easy to service compact mixer, which can manage any number of events from church services to radio broadcast,” comments leading analogue designer, Mike Griffin.

Pricing will remain the same as the WZ3 models, and available from July 2013.

Allen & Heath GLD112Press Release: Allen & Heath launches larger GLD digital mixer

Allen & Heath has introduced the GLD-112, a larger version of the popular GLD-80 mixer, with an extra bank comprising 8 control strips, increasing the channel count to 28 fader strips in 4 layers. The GLD-112 is ideal for applications where visibility of more channels in a single layer is required andalso offers a dedicated shelf to hold an iPad running the free GLD remote app which allows extended processing and custom views.

GLD-112 retains the same analogue-style channel processing control section complemented by a graphical 8.4 inch touch screen as the GLD-80. Four additional soft keys are included next to the faders for scene-controls and other user defined functions.A fully-customisable drag ‘n drop layout allows quick and easy assignment of inputs and mixes to fader strips. There are 28 fader strips in 4 layers, each with motorised fader, a channel LCD display which can be named and colour-coded, plus a rotary control for direct access to gain, pan and aux/FX sends. The mixer‘s local I/O comprises 4 XLR mic/line inputs, 4 XLR line outs, 4 RCA inputs, 2 RCA outputs, and digital outputs in SPDIF and AES3 formats. 

The larger GLD is scene compatible with the existing GLD-80 mixer, and at the heart of both mixers is the same audio core. There are 48 input processing channels, 8 stereo FX returns fed by iLive’s acclaimed FX emulations, 30 configurable buses, 20 mix processing channels, and DSP power to provide full processing without compromise.

As with the GLD-80, GLD-112 also connects to a range of plug ‘n play I/O racks to ‘build’ 12, 20, 28, 36 or 44 mic input systems. An AR2412 rack (24 XLR inputs, 12 XLR outs) and up to two AR84 expander racks (8 XLR inputs, 4 XLR outs each) can be connected over CAT5 runs using A&H’s dSNAKE protocol. dSNAKE provides control to the remote preamp, and all mic preamps are scene recallable. AR2412 also includes a connection for personal monitoring systems, such as the Allen & Heath ME-1.

GLD has the ability to record and playback a stereo signal on a USB memory stick. Standard iLive audio I/O option cards for Dante, MADI, Waves and Allen & Heath's ACE protocols can be fitted, allowing multi-channel record/playback, FOH/monitor splits, use of Waves plug-ins and connection to A&H iLive systems, which can easily be configured using GLD's extensive soft-patching. 

“The new GLD-112 is ideal for applications where an increased fader count is a primary consideration. This is particularly true for applications where events change regularly, such as houses of worship and festivals, where there is limited rehearsal time and the performers are constantly changing. Presenting more sources on a single layer and so avoiding layer switching to locate channels is a huge benefit,” comments A&H MD, Glenn Rogers.

GLD-112 will be launching at Infocomm and available from June 2013.SRP: £4899 ex VAT

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