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Digidesign bolster 003 Rack

Eight mic preamps for Pro Tools LE interface
A new version of the 003 Rack, Digidesign’s audio interface for Pro Tools LE, has been announced. The 003 Rack+ features eight mic preamps, which is four more than the standard model. Also new is a front-panel DI input, so users can quickly patch their guitar or bass into the interface when inspiration strikes, and the left-hand side of the device has been redesigned to accommodate gain knobs for all eight preamps.

As with the standard 003, the Rack+ features a single bank of ADAT, allowing up to eight channels of audio to be transmitted over a digital optical cable. Using this in partnership with one of the many eight-channel mic preamp devices on the market, the user can now record direct into Pro Tools LE with up to 16 microphones, with just one more rackmountable unit.

At the time of writing, the 003 Rack+ was not shipping, although pre-orders were being taken. When it does become available, it will ship with the Digidesign Factory plug-in bundle, and will have a suggested retail price of £930. In related news, the price of the standard 003 Rack has been reduced by £110 to £825.

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