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Embertone announce Friedlander Violin

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Friedlander Violin GUIFriedlander Violin GUIEmbertone, the makers of Sensual Sax among other virtual instruments, has announced the imminent release of Friedlander Violin. The violin instrument has been designed with the intention of creating a virtual violin with "malleable, intuitive controls, and an authentic, living sound." 

The sample content backing up the instrument is a hefty 3.5 GB, all of which was recorded without vibrato. This means that vibrato can be added by the user for ultimate control. Generally, the instrument appears to have some useful features, including solo and ensemble modes, real-time attack control of sustains, staccato playing styles and bow noise control.

The scripting is where Embertone instruments tend to get really clever, and this doesn't look like any exception, offering speed-controlled portamentos, bow change and slurs. As with any instrument with this degree of control, we expect there will be a slight learning curve, but if previous offerings are anything to go by, it shouldn't be too hard. Also, the audio examples of the forthcoming instrument and the price are rather compelling.

Due for release on May 15th, Friedlander Violin is a Kontakt/Kontakt Player instrument and will be available in 16-bit and 24-bit versions for $110. 

If you pre-order before May 15th, you will also receive a 20% discount on your next Embertone purchase.

For more info, follow the link below.

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