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Focusrite introduces new Scarlett interfaces

First Focusrite USB interface with four preamps

Focusrite 18i8 and 6i6Focusrite 18i8 and 6i6Focusrite have announced two new additions to the Scarlett range of USB audio interfaces: the Scarlett 18i8 (18-in, 8-out) and Scarlett 6i6 (6-in, 6-out), that now bridge the gap between the diminutive Scarlett 2i4 and the rack-mountable Scarlett 18i20. Both are aimed at recording artists, producers and bands and differ mainly in their I/O configuration. Both feature Focusrite mic pres, designed specifically for Focusrite’s computer music interfaces, Focusrite’s 24bit/96KHz conversion for high resolution recordings, MIDI and S/PDIF I/O. In addition to Mac and Windows operation, both interfaces are compatible with iOS devices like the iPad (via the Apple Camera Connection Kit – not included).

The Scarlett 18i8 is the first interface from Focusrite to include four award-winning mic preamps. The first two inputs offer Mic/Line/Instrument on universal XLR/TRS combi sockets while three and four offer Mic/Line capability on XLR/TRS. The 18i8 can also record up to four additional line-level inputs at the same time, making it suitable for recording live bands. An ADAT option allows the connection of external mic preamps such as the Focusrite OctoPre Mk II, extending the number of mic pres to 12.

The Scarlett 6i6 is designed to allow recording on a smaller scale. In addition to two Focusrite mic preamps it features a stereo line input, making it possible to capture, for example, vocals, guitar and a digital piano at the same time. Both models feature the signature red Scarlett range unibody metal chassis for road-ruggedness, and the unique “signal halo” LED rings around the input controls that indicate green for a good level and red for overload. They also include two headphone outputs each with their own level controls; the headphone outputs on the 6i6 mirror the main and sub-outputs whereas on the 18i8 they are fully independent. 

They are both bundled with the Scarlett Plug-in Suite, which includes Compression, Gating, EQ and Reverb plug-ins, Ableton Live Lite, sample content from Loopmasters and the Bass Station analoge modelling synth plug-in. As well as the bundled software, there is also control software for the Scarlett's internal DSP mixer and router, called Scarlett MixControl, which offers flexibile routing capabilities, one-click presets and latency of 1.4ms.

Both interfaces will be avilable in June, with the Scarlett 6i6 set to cost £199.99 including VAT/$249.99 at dealers, and the Scarlett 18i8 interfaces availble for £299.99 including VAT/$349.99 at dealers.

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