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GainStudio service launched

Studio management made easy!

GainStudio, a new service for managing your studio’s projects, bookings and resources, has just been launched. The service appears to consolidate several administrative chores — such as session booking, project status, contacts and even invoicing — into one browser-based application, where they may traditionally have been spread out over database, spreadsheet and phonebook software packages.

Being browser-based, the software doesn’t need to be installed, and the data can therefore be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection — so it could even find uses among mobile recordists who don’t have fixed studio premises.

GainStudio is divided up into various different sections for performing the different tasks, and these include areas for gear logging, room and session booking, task assignment, note taking, and even audio file management. It’s a subscription service, and the storage space allowed depends on how much you pay: you can get either 5GB, 20GB, 50GB or unlimited storage for subscriptions priced between $19 and $499 a month, and there’s even a free version that offers 1GB storage, but is limited to one active project at a time and one schedulable room.

For more info, and to take their free 30-day trial, check out the GainStudio web site.

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