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Hardware Hammond module from Creamware

Introducing the B4000 ASB
Following on from their Minimax and Pro 12 ASB, Creamware have introduced a third member in their Authentic Sound Box range.
The B4000 ASB is a Hammond B3-style module with a faithful complement of nine real drawbars.

It’s based on the B3000 plug-in for Creamware’s SCOPE DSP platform and claims to model many detailed aspects of the original electromechanical Hammond B3, from the 91 drawbars of the original right down to the crosstalk resulting from electrical leakage in the original design and the effects of worn tonewheels, a feature which is fortunately user-adjustable!
The B4000 also offers a built-in Leslie rotary speaker emulation, with separate control of and access to the bass and treble ‘rotors’.
Like the other instruments in the ASB range, the hardware module can be controlled via USB from a stand-alone Mac or PC Editor, which offers you access to more parameters than can be edited from the B4000’s front panel.
It’ll cost £649 and will be available by the end of March.

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