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IK Multimedia launch EQ73 and EQ81

New T-RackS Custom Shop models announced

IK Multimedia's latest version of T-RackS Custom Shop mixing and mastering software now includes two new British EQ models, the EQ73 and EQ81 based on Neve's famous 1073 and 1081 designs. These might not be the first plug-ins to model Neve's classic modules, but what IK Multimedia claims to set theirs apart is the interaction between the preamp section and the EQ. In accurately modelling the preamp circuitry, they say the new processors are able to deliver new tonal flavours, ranging from gentle harmonic colouration through to analogue saturation.

Both the EQ73 and EQ81 operate within T-RackS Custom Shop, a Mac/PC audio plug-in and standalone mastering platform that permits users to buy new processing modules from inside their DAW.

The EQ73 possesses the same controls as its Class-A analogue counterpart: input and output gain, a variable low shelf, adjustable -frequency mid band, fixed high shelf and a HPF which can be set to 50, 80, 160 or 300Hz. It also has some useful additions including M/S modes for mastering purposes.

The EQ81 is more versatile than its sibling and features four independent frequency bands, as well as both high- and low-pass filters. There are also 'Hi-Q' switches for both of the mid bands and the high and low shelving bands can also become peaking type if required.

The T-RackS Model EQ73 and Model EQ81 are now available from the IK Multimedia web store or the T-RackS Custom Shop for an introductory price of $124.99/€99.99 (excluding taxes) or 125 Custom Shop Credits. You can also download a 14-day demo of the new models. All T-RackS processors are also available for separate purchase from the IK Multimedia web store.

T-RackS Custom Shop is a free application that can be downloaded after registration from IK Multimedia's T-RackS web site,

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