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The King Blues: Remix opportunity

British band release multitrack files before album!

A British band, The King Blues, have taken a novel approach to releasing their forthcoming single — they're releasing the multi-track files before the song's gone on sale! The band are inviting budding remixers to re-work their track, having never hear the original. (Of course, all the stems could be downloaded and sync'ed up to hear the song structure, but that spoils the fun!)

Head to, and you can download the instrument stems from 'Underneath This Lamppost Light', which is on the album Save The World, Get The Girl, due for release on 20th October 2008.

The best part is that, if the band like your remix so much that they use it on the A-side release of the single, they'll pay you £500 (around $850) and fully credit you when it's released.

To enter the contest, there is no contact to sign; you simply submit your remix with the chance of winning the prize and, of course, having it released.

If the band wish to use submitted material for any other purpose, they will enter negotiations with the remixer(s), who reserve the right to decline any further involvement.

Even if you're not in it for the money, why not have a go — it's probably good practise, if nothing else!

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