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Lightning Strikes!

Blue Microphones now shipping Spark Digital with Lightning Cable

Blue Spark Digital microphone now with Lightning connectorBlue Spark Digital microphone now with Lightning connectorBlue Microphones are now offering a Lightning connection for Spark Digital (, the company's studio microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac/PC. Spark Digital is the digital version of Blue’s Spark microphone, which we reviewed in April 2011 (, and Blue claim it records professional-quality audio to any iOS device or any computer, laptop or tablet with USB input. Designed for podcasting, vocals, guitar, instruments and voiceover, Spark Digital with Lightning cable has an MSRP of $199.99 and is available at

“Spark Digital was first born in the pro studio, as our Spark analog microphone. Spark Digital delivers the same recording quality proven in the studios, but is now the missing link for achieving truly professional results digitally,” said John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones. “Bridging the gap between analog quality and digital portability, Spark Digital completes the true mobile studio.”

Spark Digital features studio controls directly on the microphone including volume and gain control, and instant mute. In addition, Spark Digital offers a zero-latency headphone out for direct monitoring, critical for eliminating distracting delay or for creating professional multi-track recordings where new tracks need to be synced with existing tracks.

Spark Digital also employs the Focus control, providing two different sonic options in one mic. In normal mode (with the switch out), the mic has an increased low‑frequency sensitivity, adding a couple of dBs of lift at around 80Hz, whereas engaging Focus rolls off the low end below around 120Hz. For the recording novice, the Focus control provides the freedom to experiment with different sonic signatures in one mic, while providing the experienced recordist with versatile options.

Spark Digital comes with a custom angle-adjustable desk stand with built-in shockmount that protects against disruptive rumblings and vibrations from a desktop surface and allows users to quickly position the microphone. 

For each platform connection (USB and iOS), Spark Digital includes a y-cable with an attached, extended female headphone jack for zero-latency direct monitoring.  Spark Digital is compatible with iPad, iPhone and is instantly recognized for use with any recording app, in addition to driverless connection via USB on both PC and Mac.

For customers who bought the 30-pin Spark Digital after August 1, 2013, Blue will provide a Lightning cable, free of charge (with proof of purchase).  For customers who bought the 30-pin Spark Digital before August 1, 2013 or are without proof of purchase, a replacement Lightning cable can be purchased directly from Blue.

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