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M-Audio CX-series

Mid-range monitors announced
Newcomers to M-Audio’s range of active studio monitors have been announced. The CX5 and CX8 join the BX, EX and DSM ranges already available, and are designed to be used in “any production space”. The two models feature five- (CX5) and eight-inch (CX8) low-frequency drivers, giving potential customers the option to choose the most suitable monitor for their application; manufacturers say that the CX8 is ideal for mid- to large-sized monitoring rooms, while the five-inch model is suited best to use in home and project studios.

Key features of the CX series include a waveguide (the curved recess on the baffle around the tweeter) that M-Audio say provides a wide sweet spot with good off-axis response, and a range of ‘acoustic space’ controls allow for the monitor to be tuned to suit its surroundings.

Both the CX5 and the CX8 should be shipping some time this Summer, costing £309 and £399 per monitor respectively.

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