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MicW release i436

Measurement mic for iOS devices

Press Release: MicW, the Beijing-based manufacturer of quality recording, live and measurement microphones, launched i436 measurement microphone for iPhone, iPad and iTouch at this year's Pro Light & Sound/Musikmesse exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. The i436 is designed and manufactured according to IEC 61672 and ANSI S1.4 measurement microphone standards. It has very flat frequencyresponse and omni-directional pattern. It was tested for long term stability against high humidity and temperature. It is solidly designed using stainless steel housing and it weighs only 6 grams.<strong>MicW i436</strong>MicW i436

For sound engineers, they will find the i436 to be convenient tool for sound level analysis and field measurements with their mobile device. The i436 is a standard 1/4” measurement microphone. The accuracy of the measurement can be ensured by using a sound level calibrator. The engineers can use their iPhone or iPad to check the installations and trouble shootings for live, broadcasting and home system. With i436, your iPhone or iPad can become a sound level meter. It is easy to measure the sound level when you needed.

For singers and vocalists, they will find the i436 to be their indispensable tool for capturing their voice for real time during live performances or recording sessions.

For Musicians, they will love the versatility of i436 for recording and accurately reproducing their musical instruments and their band performances and concerts.

For non-musicians, they will find the i436 to be their ideal companion for recording high quality podcasts, speeches, lessons, interviews, video soundtracks or any other source that can be recorded on the go with their mobile device

"At Frankfurt, the responses to the i436 are overwhelming. It is definitely the right product for iOS device users.” comments MicW's CEO Dr. Qunli Wu. "Our aim is to extend our 12 years experiences in manufacturing measurement microphones to i- series for iOS users."

More information about the new products is available on MicW's website.

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