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Moog Music reissue Taurus I

Well, they might...
Synth legends Moog Music have pledged to reissue the Taurus I bass module, famed for its formidable sound and chunky pedals (we reviewed it in our Retrozone column back in June 1995 — click here).

There’s a catch, however: the Taurus will only be available for pre-order, and there will only be 1000 manufactured. What’s more, customers will have to pay a $500 deposit up front, with the first 250 units selling for $1695, and the remaining 750 costing $1999. To further complicate the ordering process, Moog say that they still might “decide not to pursue the development”. In this eventuality, they would, as one would expect, repay the $500 deposit.

Unconventional sales methods aside, the new Taurus will have some features that weren’t available on the original model, such as an on-board arpeggiator. There will also be five-pin DIN and USB MIDI implementation, often retrofitted by owners of the classic ’70s synth. To find out more, and to order your Taurus reissue, check out the Moog Music web site.

Assuming the manufacturing process takes place, Moog say that the reissued Taurus will ship to customers at the end of 2009. We also understand that the Taurus will go on general sale in shops around the same time, although no doubt they'll be something of a rarity.

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