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New audio interfaces from Tascam

2-in and 4-in models offer DSP effects

Tascam US366 audio interfaceTascam US366 audio interfaceTascam have released two low-cost USB audio interfaces with internal DSP. The 2-in, 2-out US322 and 4-in, 6-out US366 both have the ability to add compression, EQ and reverb to incoming audio. Both interfaces have an internal mixer that allows two different modes of operation: Multi Track and Stereo Mix. In Multi Track mode, the units function as you would expect any other interface to work and in Stereo mix mode, there is a ‘loop-back’ function which allows sounds from the computer to be mixed and sent back to the computer. Here’s more from Tascam:

Press Release: The Tascam US-322 and US-366 are the next line of interfaces from the leading professional and home recording manufacturer, Tascam. These interfaces combine compelling new technologies like on-board digital mixers (DSP Mixer) and on-board digital effects (DSP Effects) along with advances on the wildly popular US-122mkII and US-144mkII interfaces.

Available in the UK during March 2013, the US-322 has a UK SRP of £139.99 and the US-366 £169.99 - both inc. VAT.

The US-322 and US-366 sport similar aluminum casings for the same rugged reliability plus new improved HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) mic pres. These HDDA Mic Pres offer a wider frequency response (10Hz to 68kHz), high S/N ratio (98dB), low EIN (-120dBu) and low THD+N (0.0045%); qualities rarely achieved in interfaces this affordable.

These all-new interfaces boast low S/N ratio, low THD and the US-366 flaunts 24bit/192kHz recording; certifying these as the best sounding interfaces to be released by Tascam yet. The 2-in/2-out US-322 features 1 Mic XLR/Line-Guitar TRS input, 1 Mic XLR/Line TRS input, 2 Line TRS and 2 Line RCA outputs. The 6-in/4-out or 4-in/6-out US-366 adds 2 Line RCA inputs and 1 Digital RCA/Optical input/output. One click of the top-loaded “Mixer Panel” button will access Tascam’s new mixing console screen and on-board insert/send effects for easy-to-use, versatile recording. The digital mixer offers two operational modes, multi-track mode and stereo-mix mode.

Tascam’s US-322 and US-366 are bundled with Cubase LE6, feature easy-to-use controls, amazing quality, and feature-rich technology - advantages sure to please professional and amateur recording artists alike.

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