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NI launch Razor 1.5 update and sales special

Additive synth updated and price reduced by 50% for limited time

Native Instruments Razor 1.5 update and limited-time 50% discountNative Instruments Razor 1.5 update and limited-time 50% discountNative Instruments have announced an update for Razor, their popular additive synthesizer. The 1.5 update adds 12 new modules and a new macro system for better integration with Maschine 2.0. The update is free for current owners while new customers can purchase Razor 1.5 for half it's regular price until December 9th, 2013.

Out of the 12 new modules, eight offer different dissonances, ranging from frequency modulation to 'metallic frequency stretching' and pitch manipulation. A new multi-mode filter offers unusual shapes for irregular filtering and sound design. Two stereo effects, a dynamics effect, and one distortion module also allow for a wealth of sonic possibilities. As the creative engine behind Razor, Berlin producer Errorsmith once again leaves his signature, expanding Razor sound palette.

Razor 1.5 also integrates seamlessly with the new Maschine 2.0 software. A new compact performance view condenses essential preset parameters into a focused window and maps key parameters directly to the eight Maschine control knobs. Multiple parameters are easily assignable to each macro control knob, offering many intuitive workflow enhancements. The new version of Razor also features over 100 additional presets that take full advantage of these macros.

Existing users of Razor can download the update for free from the Service Center. New customers can take advantage of a limited time sales special to get Razor for 50% of the standard price, at only $49.50/€49.50. The offer lasts until December 9, 2013 and is available at the NI Online Shop.

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