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Octa launch range of tablet accessories

Kickstarter campaign target reaches, due to ship in September

In this month's issue we reviewed the Tablet Tail Monkey Kit from Octa in the App Works section. The device is a ‘universal tablet positioning system’ that consists of a flexible ‘tail’ that can be wrapped around a drum or mic stand and a suction cup (Vacuum Dock) for gripping a tablet. These two components are locked together using a proprietary mechanism. Now, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, the Denver-based company will be bringing out a whole series of interchangeable and modular components that can be used to further expand the uses of the system. Importantly, a few of these look rather useful for music applications.

The first of these, and perhaps the most relevant, is the Spider, a device the size of an ice hockey puck that is described by its makers as “part tablet holder, part precision watch” on account of its complex inner workings. Octa claim that Spider is able to safely grip any tablet, with or without a case, and it does this with hinging arms that pop out of the body of the ‘puck’.

The Spider is then attached to either the Monkey Tail or the brand new Bridge, a short length of the tail with a locking mechanism on each end. The Bridge can then by locked to one of the other components. The component that looks most useful for musicians is the Clamp which can be attached to flat, curved or irregular surfaces, such as mic stands, desks and rack units, and which can also be folded flat for transport. A wall mount is also on offer, as well as an attachment called the Whaletail that acts as a small stand, along with the original Vacuum Dock. 

Each of the components are available in different kits, but prices start at $50 for a Spider, Bridge and wallmount, or $90 for a Spider, Bridge and Clamp.

You can still support the Kickstarter campaign for the next three days here:

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